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1942 Photo of Ford GP in London on eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available. The caption and date are slightly different between this current pic on eBay and its predecessor from 2013 (at bottom).

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“1942 Press Photo U.S. Army Soldiers ride down London street in Military Jeep. .This is an original press photo. Four American doughboys ride down a London street in a peculiarly American vehicle, one of Uncle Sammy’s jeeps. Note how they are overshadowed by the familiar London double-deck bus. U.S. Army in London Photo measures 6.25 x 9.5 inches. Photo is dated 03-15-1942.”

1942-03-15-ford-gp-london1 1942-03-15-ford-gp-london2

This version of the photo was auctioned in 2013 on eBay. It has the date of March 13, 1942. The caption includes the verbiage, “A ‘Jeep’ comes to London Town”.




4 Comments on “1942 Photo of Ford GP in London on eBay

  1. David Eilers


    Yes, it is a Ford GP. Those jeeps had the headlights behind the grille. Here are some shots of Tate’s Ford GP: … Ford created a second prototype jeep called the Ford Budd with lights on top of the fenders. It’s restored and living in England:

    The first of the Bantam models (the original Bantam BRC) had headlights mounted atop the inner portion of the fender. The second generation, the BRC-60, had them mounted in a similar fashion, but included a protective cover. The Bantam BRC-40 had fender indents on the top of the fender where the lights were mounted behind a protective cover: (as did the Checker:

    The Willys Quad had headlights on top of the fenders and behind a square protector: …. After the Willys Quad came the Willys MA. Though the grill design was flattened, the lights were still atop the fenders:

  2. Antoni Deighton

    There’s something curious about this picture. Why does this supposedly military jeep have a British civilian license plate? Just compare it to the license plate on the bus and the car behind.

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Antoni,

    That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to why this particular jeep has a plate, but according to the page, vehicles (and even tanks) sometimes were issued by the US and Canada during WWII. I imagine the same was true for the UK.

    Even the Willys Quad had a license plate for some reason:

    – Dave

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