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Historic Registry For Vehicles?

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There’s a proposal to create a national registry for unique or historically significant vehicles (and boats and planes) with documented stories. Importantly, such a registry would not keep the owners of such vehicles from being sold, driven or even modified. The Library of Congress would be the keeper of the documents, specs, photos, and other information.

If the national registry becomes a law, twenty-six vehicles already listed by the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) would be the first vehicles added to the registry. Two of the vehicles are jeeps: The Ford Pygmy (currently at the U.S. Veteran’s Museum in Huntsville, Alabama) and Ronald Reagan’s 1962 CJ-6 (along with one of my personal favorites, the Tucker prototype).


3 Comments on “Historic Registry For Vehicles?

  1. Chuck

    In reading your link to the Tucker prototype, I noticed it had a ” 589cid horizontally opposed six cylinder engine”. This I had to see, so I googled some images; wow what a strange looking engine – and big. I wonder what it sounded like, lol.

  2. Chuck

    “such a registry would not keep the owners of such vehicles from being sold, driven or even modified.”

    On a side note. This ^^^ I’m concerned about. California already started with big diesel trucks. Who knows if it will end there or is just the beginning of going after all older vehicles.

    “The new “health-based requirements” will need to be met before a driver is allowed to register his or her truck through the Department of Motor Vehicles, CARB says. A new enforcement tool used by the DMV beginning in 2020 will automatically block 2010 and older trucks from registration.”

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I imagine Tucker was a pretty interesting guy to be around. Between the Tucker car and the combat car, he and his employees were doing some creative stuff.

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