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GPW & MB Data Plate Robbery

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Example of a glove box and data plates from Tom’s collection. Each have a serial and date of delivery on the glove box lid.

Tom Furrer’s prized collection of GPW and MB glove box lids and tags were stolen as part of a robbery. Contact him through G503 with any questions:

“To all my friends and fellow hobbyists in the Jeep world I need your help..

On November 1 Friday I was in Santa Rosa California helping my elderly mother who is 95 prepare to evacuate from the Kindle fire , we were one of 180,000 people told to prepare to evacuate. While I was down there my house that is in Columbia California was robbed and ransacked. I hadn’t even moved in yet yet these thieves got into my house ransacked the house and stole a lot of personal belongings of my mothers and myself ..

For many years by Elder father a World War II vet liked to tinker with jeeps and one of his hobbies was he collected data plates that where from both Ford and Willys Jeep‘s that were junked. When my father passed I continued with his hobby. By the time that he passed he had collected over 60 sets of these data plates most of which are still attached to the glove box doors.

Well these thieves got off with almost all of them and I need the help of every person in this hobby to be on the lookout for these plates. The thieves obviously know cars very well as they were able to move a locked vehicle out of the way to complete their crime. These plates will be extremely easy to identify and eventually I believe they’re going to end up in the hands of somebody who knows what they are and what their value is.

Please everybody keep your eyes open watch eBay watch swap meets. The identifying feature of every single plate is on the glove box door: the serial number and date of delivery written in black ink.

Please everybody keep a watch out I do believe over time they’re gonna turn up we’re too big of a family to let this kind of crap happen.

I Thank each and everyone of you.. Local sheriffs and law-enforcement are well aware of this and crime reports have been written.”

Tom Furrer


6 Comments on “GPW & MB Data Plate Robbery

  1. Bob in nc

    I didn’t know these even existed. Unless they went into just get jeep parts and such, my guess is they won’t know what to do with these things and just toss them.

    But your on the right place for all of Dave’s army to be on lookout for you. Good luck getting the stuff back.

  2. Tom Furrer

    To All: By the actions involved with the crime Im sure these guys knew cars well
    They’re gonna show up somewhere..Please spread the word, Im not very computer literate .
    Thanks Everybody and especially Dave for posting
    Tom Furrer

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I asked Tom the same thing. The info was stored in a filing cabinet that was also stolen.

  4. Chuck

    This is really sad. Unfortunately pretty typical of California nowadays. And the State wonders why there is a mass exodus of good people underway. I can’t imagine what it is going to be like in 50 years when most all the moral people have left. Even the police don’t care much about this kind of thing anymore. Sad.

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