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1954? CJ-3B Brochures on eBay

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I believe these two CJ-3B brochures were put out in 1954. I *think* the red one was published initially and then the yellow one, without the KW and some minor changes, was put out as a revised brochure.

This four-page brochure is interesting in that it includes a reference to KW on the front page (Unfortunately, it’s priced at $26). I’d guess that means it was produced in 1954. I have some similar wagon brochures that don’t have the KW stamp from 1954, dated based on the brochure’s claim the the wagons were now available with the ‘new’ Super Hurricane engine. That engine first appeared in the 1954 model.

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1954-cj3b-brochure30 1954-cj3b-brochure31 1954-cj3b-brochure32 1954-cj3b-brochure3 1954-cj3b-brochure4

This revised (?) version of the 3B brochure is currently $27 on eBay.


1954-cj3b-brochure-43 1954-cj3b-brochure-44


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