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1957 CJ-3B Strugis, MI $4250


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4250

Has some updates.

1957-cj3b-strugis-mi1 1957-cj3b-strugis-mi2 1957-cj3b-strugis-mi3 1957-cj3b-strugis-mi4

“For sale is a 1957 WILLYS JEEP that runs and drives great! 4wd and lock outs work, trans shifts like a 70 year old 3 speed. I’ve put many miles on this thing since bringing it back to life, all around town and country driving, maybe 45 mph or so.

The original engine at some point has been replaced with a ford 2.3L 4 cylinder out of a 70s pinto( using the original trans/ transfer case and axles) it also shares the brake cylinder of that make. It has a steering column maybe from a pinto? And seat from another vehicle as well. The original fuel cell has been move to the rear for whatever reason. The windshield is broken (I’ve gotten a quote and am willing to pull the frame, do the work and have the new one installed for a small fee something). The body does have some glass / filler in it but VERY solid frame and body, suspension ect.

new plugs, wires,cap,rotor, coil,points and condenser, oil change, tail lights (not the installed) newer tires, brake cylinder, brake fluid. This thing is not perfect but its runs and drives great and it’s a blast to do so. Definitely a head tuner. All gears in trans and t case function.

I’ve documented everything I’ve done to thing willy from the day I got it on my YouTube channel ( EPPY’S CHOP SHOP) I’ll provide a link to a video driving it below. There are many others PROOF of all said work in them.”


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