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4 Kelsey Hayes CJ-5 Rims on eBay

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Maury and I were pondering the value of these. I haven’t seen any sale lately, so I’m not sure where the prices are for them.

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“SOLD AS A SET OF 4,this is the correct rim for the first series renegade 1 jeep cj5 rims,made only 6 months,tires not included,15 x 8,3 3/4 rear offset,4 7/8 front offset,need to be sandblasted and painted,has wear,not new,all parts unless otherwise noted are used,takeoff,has wear,not NEW ,REBUILT,OR NOS,may be dirty,dings,dented and may need cleaning,”



5 Comments on “4 Kelsey Hayes CJ-5 Rims on eBay

  1. Chuck

    Six months ago I paid $250 for a set of five Kelsey Hayes rims (still had the green stickers) from a wrecking yard. (Have to watch out, these will not fit some Jeeps with 11″ brakes – the inside rivets interfere with the brake drum)

  2. David Eilers Post author

    And some won’t fit disc brakes. I ran into this issue with my cast aluminum rims 10×15 hurricane rims.

  3. Bill

    Jim knows his stuff, these are worth $1000 to the right guy. I’ve had no issue selling sets in the past for 5-800, and that’s been years since I had them.

  4. Chuck

    Hmmm…..per eBay add:
    “15 x 8,3 3/4 rear offset,4 7/8 front offset”

    I did not know this, I need to measure my rims. This is quite strange; 1 1/8″
    difference? Maybe for the wider Dana 30? I wonder which offset they made the spare?

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