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1970 Hurst Jeepster Commando #1 Tahoe, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $11,000.

It drives, but may or may not need a restoration depending on how you feel about it.

1970-hurst-jeepster-1-cali2 1970-hurst-jeepster-1-cali3

1970-hurst-jeepster-1-cali7 1970-hurst-jeepster-1-cali4

“1970 Hurst Jeepster #1
This could be the rarest production Jeep in the world
It is not known exactly how many of these were built. Some say 100 but I think more have come out of the woodwork.
From research done, there’s no solid record of the Hurst build numbers. There is a registry and this one is the earliest number out there. This may be the one pictured in the showroom photo. I have only seen 2 Hurst Jeepsters with the blue stripe that runs side to side in front of the red stripe. Only the really early ones.
Has the luggage rack
Has the rare Hurst badges (not aftermarket). I tried to have a company rechrome all the original emblems, but they were too pitted. The hurst badges are not pot metal, so they chromed up real nice.
The hood scoop had been stolen years before I got this vehicle. The one on there currently is a reproduction and made to look old. The tach was stollen with the scoop, but the Dixco hood tach is what is put in there now.
The wheels and tires are brand new. Have about 5 miles on the tires. I drove it to a car show and back.

The dauntless 225 is a rebuilt engine with the 4 barrel conversion. This motor came with the vehicle. The original engine was pulled, but does come with the sale to keep the original motor with it.
Has TH400 Transmission
Has Hurst Dual Gate shifter
All electrical works. All lights work.
The interior is new, however not the original design. This is black and white houndstooth.
Brand new Windshield and seal. All the rest of the glass is in good shape.
Comes with some new badging that has yet to be installed. Plus all original badging, and some more I purchased just to have.
New radiator
New battery
New floorpans (which come with the vehicle) will need to be welded in.
Needs some paint and body work if you want to do a restoration. I like it the way it sits, but if I was to keep, I would showroom restore this.
My original plan was to do a full restore, however time and expenses ran out. There has been quite a bit of work done. It is driveable.
Some of the stuff that was done, was not done to factory specs, like the seat design, the hood scoop is aftermarket remake (from a jeepster parts vendor), the stripes that you see on there now were recently put on, but the original stripes are still there on places where the sun don’t shine. The dash was slightly cut for a newer radio and possibly a cb radio. Who knows. So a grille and an older radio was put in place for looks. I could not stand looking at the cut dash. The side mirrors are not original.
I have a bunch of shop records through its life. Mostly oil changes and maintenance.
All in all, this is an awesome vehicle with a ton of potential, or just leave it alone and use it as is. I would not call this a daily driver, but I have no problem cruising around the lake.
I have described this to the best of my ability. As questions come in that I may have forgotten, I will update my posting.”

1970-hurst-jeepster-1-cali5 1970-hurst-jeepster-1-cali8



4 Comments on “1970 Hurst Jeepster Commando #1 Tahoe, CA **Status Unknown**

  1. Mike

    These were a HOT ITEM back in the day, viewed a Hurst Commando on display in NJ at the Suxxex County Fair, almost made me want to trade in my 67 Commando for one of these. I came to my senses, and kept the 67.

  2. ambrose bierce


  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Nicholas,

    I don’t have any more info on this Jeepster. I haven’t seen it relisted in quite a while, so it either sold or was pulled off the market for a while. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted I will send you an email.

    – Dave

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