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Mail Jeep Article from On All Cylinders

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Blaine spotted this postal jeep article from last year. I’ve added my comments (read corrections) to it, but the author hasn’t approved it as of the writing of this post.



4 Comments on “Mail Jeep Article from On All Cylinders

  1. Mike

    I’m really surprised that so many of theses Postal Jeeps have survived over the decades, I see many of then for sale on Facebook Marketplace. A younger generation has taken a liking to the Postal Jeeps and do restorations and amazing modifications.
    A big part of the survival rate is the fact that decades ago, you were able to buy used Postal Jeeps at local Post Offices with new paint jobs for around $1500.00 more or less. Drove a couple of these back in the years, both right & left hand drive. They wandered all over the road, but were lots of fun to drive.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, agreed. Not so cheap anymore, but there are still some good DJ deals out there.

  3. John

    I can’t speak for everyone born in the late 80s, but for me probably the most attractive aspect of these vehicles is how simple they are. You can see what works and how it’s related to other parts which makes maintenance/repairs easy.
    Instead of everything being electronic, these are beautifully mechanical. Having grown up in a time when manual labor & manufacturing was in decline, I find there is a joy in working on these vehicles – a quiet in the task.

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