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1957 FC-150 Nantucket, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6850.

1957-fc150-nantucket-ma1 1957-fc150-nantucket-ma2 1957-fc150-nantucket-ma3 1957-fc150-nantucket-ma4

“1957 Willys Jeep FC-150. If you want to blend in and not have your picture taken as you drive by, move along, nothing to see here. Truck runs well although out of inspection but should pass. Coolest car on island? Perhaps. 4wd with Warn locking hubs. Original hurricane 4, Dana 25 and Dana 44 axles, this will do 43mph and will infuriate the swells in Range Rovers on Milestone, not to mention the insane Wave “drivers” doing 65 around curves. Note the engine access in the cabin…you can adjust your carburetor while driving (and I frequently do). Truck restored 9 years ago, good for a freshening up. A driver….ready for the weekly dump runs or to get huge attention for your business. Award winner at the Daffodil Parade. Rare vehicle in driving condition. $7500 takes it. Have clear MA title”


11 Comments on “1957 FC-150 Nantucket, MA **SOLD**

  1. Terry

    It’s still for sale because it’s on Facebook ( no way to contact him unless you do Facebook ) and it is located on Nantucket Island .

  2. keith

    I didn’t see a garage in the photo, and the weather out there is brutal on old Jeeps.
    I’ve got a CJ2A and a CJ3B out there in Sconset, the only place that milestone road goes…

  3. Mike

    Regardless of the weather, paint job looks nice on this, interior too. More and more Jeeps for sale are showing up on facebook marketplace reason being, Craigslist now charges a fee for posting vehicles for sale.

  4. Mark C

    And it has a cigarette lighter and ash tray……………………..although the bumperetts are on backwards

  5. Terry

    So , how much is the fee to sell on Craigslist ??? The guy is selling the jeep for almost $7 grand , he can’t afford a fee ??? Do the math .

  6. Blaine

    $5 gets you a month on CL. How much is it to put an ad on other sites? Most other sites you tell them what you want in the ad and you pay their journalist to write it as they see fit. Yes I know there are some really poorly written CL ads that need a LOT of help. There are other free sites such as “Willy’s Tech Part’s Board” and “Yesterday’s Trucks” that are free. But I think CL is still has the best coverage and the easiest to find.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    And, as I understand it, the only reason CL is charging is to reduce spam ads. It’s really meant to be a nominal fee. But, more than just the fee, plenty of folks don’t want to be sharing their credit card with sites any more than they have to share it. I believe it’s created a big enough hurdle that there’s been a noticeable shift in ads from CL to FB in particular. So far, this winter has been very frustratingly slow on CL. I’m turning more and more lately to FB to find ads.

  8. Mike

    There is a prospective buyer test drive video of this FC 150 now posted on the Facebook Forward Control page

    Jeep Forward Control FC-150 FC-170 & M-series

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