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Buster Keaton Lessons In Living Jeep Commercials

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I didn’t realize the Buster Keaton had done multiple commercials for Jeep under the brand “Lessons In Living”. Here are three that I found:

1 At the end of this commercial Jeep highlights the Hong Kong and Maverick TV series:

2. This is the most common version I’ve seen on line: 

3. You can depend on a service station jeep owner:

4. He also did a Ford Econoline Commercial

5. And Alka Seltzer Commercials (3 shown on this video):



3 Comments on “Buster Keaton Lessons In Living Jeep Commercials

  1. Mike

    Interesting to note that Buster Keaton didn’t seem to have a exclusive deal to promote just one name brand vehicle or product. Advertising has dramatically changed over the decades, a typical commercial, one minute long, that told a story, as opposed to today’s advertising that bombards the viewer with split second images that leave you guessing as to the product being advertised.
    When these commercials were filmed in the 1960’s, Buster Keaton, having been a silent film star, was already at the end of his career, was still able to get work using a “Silent film” format to sell the product he was promoting, very clever advertising.

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