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April 1960 Wagon New Style Story Brochure

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This April 1960 New Style Story on the 2-Wheel Drive ‘Jeep’ Station wagon brochure is unusual in that it starts as a 5.5″ x 11″ brochure that folds out vertically, revealing two pages, then folds outward vertically again revealing the 17″ x 11″ inner page. I’ve seen this style referred to as the Harlequin styling (a Brook Stevens design), but ‘Jeep’ made no reference to any style in the brochure.

This is the front of the brochure:


This is the back:


When folded open part way, this combo page of two half pages appears:

1960-04-wagon-new-style-store-brochure2-lores 1960-04-wagon-new-style-store-brochure3-lores

When the top page is folded up and the bottom page folded down, this full page appears.



3 Comments on “April 1960 Wagon New Style Story Brochure

  1. Mike

    This is an interesting brochure, one that only adds to to mystery of Willys Jeep model styling changes.
    Note that the date as 1960 with a picture of the 2 wheel drive wagon sporting a one piece rear tailgate window. I am almost positive that the one piece tailgate window was not available until the 1961 model year. My 1960 2 wheel drive wagon I owned in the 1960’s, had a one piece windshield and two piece tailgate windows which was typical for that model year.
    Gets complicated and confusing after a while, almost like an Abbott & Costello routine, (Who’s on first?)

  2. Chuck

    This seems to be the M.O. of Jeep; using whatever they had on hand until they ran out of inventory or if they temporarily ran out of inventory (flipping back and forth) with no regards to year model. AMC and Chrysler adopted the same practices.

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