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Interactive “Jeep Experience” Coming to Toledo

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Jerry Huber shared this news: The “Jeep Experience” is expected to open in 2022. Per WTOL, a station out of Toledo, “A $40 million project is coming to Toledo that promises an immersive, interactive experience in all things Jeep. The Jeep Experience will be 56,000 square feet, with an outdoor test track and aims to reach Jeep lovers worldwide.”


2 Comments on “Interactive “Jeep Experience” Coming to Toledo

  1. Mike

    Although I am in favor of this project, little of the facts are known, 40 million is big bucks, where is the funding coming from? the news story states that Fiat Chrysler is in support of the project, but does not state it will contribute any funding, big question mark there. Not even a location has yet been chosen. To spend that kind of money on a High tech interactive venture, needs some second thoughts. I for one would have preferred that the old Willys assembly plant was saved, and not demolished, a far greater museum experience at I would think, much less cost. Just my opinion for what it’s worth, it’s worth is pennies on the dollar compared to the 40 million.

  2. Gerald Huber

    Sadly Mike, the old Willys Jeep ParkWay Plant is long gone and has been replaced with a new modern manufacturing industrial park that houses several Jeep supplier plants including the Dana Axle Operations. The Community planners in Toledo have worked diligently to create “The Jeep Experience” which can be more than just the traditional auto museum. Their proposals include many features the will attract visitors and Willys / Jeep enthusiasts from around the world to experience Jeeps storied history and impact on nearly 80 years of continuous product evolution, design and manufacturing development. Historic, Contemporary and Future Jeep vehicles in the displays along with new interactive technical applications should provide a unique and memorable experience that will warrant the expenses to bring this to life.

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