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1963 CJ-5 Midland, MI $1000


Has a plow and Meyer half cab. If the engine runs, there could be parts value here. No description provided.

1963-cj5-mi01 1963-cj5-mi0 1963-cj5-mi1 1963-cj5-mi2 1963-cj5-mi3 1963-cj5-mi4


One comment on “1963 CJ-5 Midland, MI $1000

  1. wreckedwhenparked

    Even if engine don’t run I can fix it. Just patch body up and use this for everything around properly and neighborhood. You’ll be the coolest one. This is an awesome Jeep at good price. DONT PART IT OUT. These things should never be a shiny restored boring trailer Queen.

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