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Jeep Parts Themed Toy Wagon

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Maury and I thought this jeep bank was interesting. It is a Willys-Motors-parts-department-themed wagon that is listed as a ‘1953’. It was sold on eBay and now documented at WorthPoint. Anyone seen others of these?



5 Comments on “Jeep Parts Themed Toy Wagon

  1. Mike

    Of course, We’ve all seen these Willys panel delivery models branded with different product names, that’s why they are known as PROMOTIONAL models. What is noticeable about this one, is that the advertising decals, logos are not to scale. (do not fit in the specific paneled area as most of the mas-produced ones I’ve seen) In my opinion, it looks to be a very amateur attempt to replicate a Willys promo Model. I have a few of these myself, one even in kit form 1/25 scale made by Spec-Cast another from Eastwood in Pa with army logos, all within the specified scale logos to fit.
    This one does not meet that criteria.

  2. Jim Lee

    I have several of those. I try to convert them into wagons by cutting rear windows with a dremel. results are so-so. One problem was there is a mold piece that is hard to cut through in the back window.

  3. Mike

    Jim Lee, as an after thought about using a Dremel, I’ve used a hot razor blade heated over a flame to cut, even better for fine work, a hot Exacto knife blade. Cuts through plastic like butter. With practice, this is an excellent way to make modifications.

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