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Yellow Fleet, Black Bear Pass, CJ-6 Postcard on eBay

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I wonder if all the Yellow Fleet rental jeeps were painted light yellow like this one? I’m guessing the color of the photo might be off a little, which gives the CJ-6 a bit of a green tint. This was taken by Bob Petley.

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“Colorado Jeep Trail Telluride Ouray CO Tomboy Road Jeep Rentals Advertising Black Bear Jeep Road Vintage Postcard”

drive-the-yellow-fleet-cj6-ouray-postcard1 drive-the-yellow-fleet-cj6-ouray-postcard-2


6 Comments on “Yellow Fleet, Black Bear Pass, CJ-6 Postcard on eBay

  1. Morgan

    My cousin and I spent the summer of 1969 at Hidden Valley Ranch Camp in Prescott, Ariz. The 2nd part we had signed onto was the Camp’s ‘travel camp’, more than a dozen 14-15 yr. olds and a couple counselors, cruising thru Ariz. N.M. Utah and Colo. camping, hiking, horseback treks etc. All of which made a huge impact on young Pa. farm boys. Our many adventures included this Jeep trip in the San Juan Mts. around Ouray, Colo. (As I recall, Dave, the jeeps were yellow.) Riding in those Jeeps made a big impression on me, and now fifty years later, after searching for many moons, I finally have a ’56 CJ5 of my own! Not a CJ6, but it feels the same to me.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Morgan, thanks for the great memories! Congrats on finding your CJ-5, too.

    Even as an adult (my first visit in 1994, age 29), the Colorado Plateau area has had an impact on me.

    – Dave

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Rental Jeeps. My mind flashes back a lifetime ago (1975) when I was stationed at Naval station (NAVCOMMSTA) Stockton CA. We got 2 surplus M38A1s from nearby Sharps Army Depot, painted them baby blue with NAVY recreation services decals on them and made them available to rent for hunting or recreation. One sailor decided to extreme off-road one, damaging it, and ended up in Captains Mast. Every M38A1 since with any baby blue on it makes me pause for a close look. Those were the days when M38A1 Jeeps and M422 Mites were being released in bulk. It was a great time and place to explore surplus yards for Jeeps and parts. Didn’t need to rent. Had a 73 CJ I bought new and a 65 Tux.

  4. Barney Goodwin, RM2, USN

    NJP = Non-Judicial Punishment where the base commander, Captain or XO can confine a sailor or soldier for up to 30 days, dock pay, extra duty, reduction in rank to an extent. Not as serious as a Courts Martial but never good to have on your record. Where I served rank did everything that you might excel and these were few and far between.

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