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Toy Trucks Oak Creek, WI $349

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There’s a few jeeps in the collection. There are 44 vehicles, so the price doesn’t seem all that bad.


“$349 for all or make offer for individual cars/trucks………..
Vintage Nylint Jumbo Dump Truck (yellow)
Vintage Tonka Jeep (Robin Egg Blue)
Tonka 768 Dump Truck (yellow)
Vintage Tonka Tonka Mighty 4×4 #14 (black)
Vintage Tonka Turbo Diesel Cement Truck (yellow)
Vintage Tonka Turbo Diesel Crane (yellow)
Vintage Tonka Turbo Diesel Crane (yellow)
Vintage Tonka Car Hauler (red/yellow)
Vintage Tonka Rescue Van (with 1 nurse figure)
Vintage Tonka Toys 1950’s Red and Green Dump Truck
Tonka Jeep Dune Buggy (yellow/orange)
Tonka Army Jeep (olive drab)
Tonka Mini Purple Jeep Beach Buggy
Tonka Jeep Wagoneer Rescue Ambulance (white and orange)
Vintage Structo Auto Haul (yellow and red)
Vintage Buddy L ARMY Electric Search Light Unit truck
Vintage Tonka Aerial Ladder MFD Fire Engine Truck No. 5 1950″s
Vintage Tonka Medium size Pick-up Truck 4×4 – yellow and orange 7.5”
Vintage Tonka Medium size Pick-up Dump Truck – yellow 7.5”
Vintage Tonka Medium size Dump Truck – yellow 7.5”
Tonka 4×4 Pick-up with winch – yellow and black with orange flames 13”
Vintage Structo Cement Truck – orange 9” 1970’s
Vintage Nylint T-24 Crane (No bucket)
Vintage Tonka Car Hauler Motor Transport (light yellow)
Vintage Tonka Motor Transport Trailer (light yellow)
Vintage Tonka VW Beetle Bug (Red)
Vintage Tonka VW Beetle Bug (Turquoise)
Tonka Mud Runner 4×4 truck – Blue with red and yellow stipes’
Vintage Tonka road Grader with Tonka sticker on front (1970’s)
Vintage Tonka Road Grader
Vintage Tonka T-6 Bulldozer 1970’s
Vintage Tonka Dump Truck – yellow (1970’s)
Vintage Tonka Farms Truck – Mint Green
Vintage Nylint Dump Truck (yellow) 1960’s
Vintage Nylint Michigan Crane – (yellow) 1960’s
Vintage Tonka Semi Cab – (yellow)
Tonka Bulldozer with backhoe – (yellow)
Vintage Tonka mini Rescue Vehicle Set”


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