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Just a Few Updates Today


Ann’s mom is in the hospital and, likely, doesn’t have too long to live, so updates might be hit & miss for the next few days.


14 Comments on “Just a Few Updates Today

  1. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave……we will all be here when you get back……focus on the important stuff. We will keep all of you in our prayers.

    We just lost our mother at over 101yrs. old two weeks before Christmas. With all of this we learn that sometimes we are not always in full control of things.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks all!

    Allan, sorry to hear that. Like my father’s passing last Spring, Ann’s mother’s health situation isn’t a surprise, so we are prepared for it. It will certainly make a big change in our lives though.

  3. Brian

    So sorry to hear of Ann’s Mom’s decline. That’s a tough trail to ride for everyone in your family even when you’re well prepared. Hang in there.

  4. Mark S.

    Sorry to hear this, hard to concentrate on much else during family health issues, best wishes to you and Ann, and family.

  5. Colin Peabody

    We will keep you and Ann and her family in our thoughts and prayers. We lost our oldest son to cancer just a few minutes after midnight on January 1, 2018. We know what you are going through.

  6. Van teloortere Charles

    Dear David-Ann nevertheless the bad news want to wish both
    of you alll the best for 2020 best greetz from belgium

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