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Ted’s Newest Model Jeep

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A few days ago while looking at Facebook in the Massachusetts area, this model jeep caught my eye. It was just different enough to cause me to look closer at it and, at 21″ long, I could tell it was an unusually large model. Even better, it was a very reasonable price. I contacted the seller, but, unfortunately, she was unwilling to ship it (I shed lots of tears!!). Since Ted Jordan lives in the area, I contacted him, but unsurprisingly, he had already had his eye on it. His daughter finally picked it up the other day and, thanks to Ted, we have some great detail pics of it.

According to Ted, “After closer inspection this thing is a beast weighing in at 18lbs and 21″ long and 9 1/2″ tall.  Its super cool and I would have to say home made by somebody. Just doesn’t look like something you’d find at a store, very well built but also a little crude in some ways. The guy is also pretty neat; he’s molded to sit in an upright position and, although Im not sure if he was made at the time of the Jeep, he seems to fit with the size and overall look of the piece. Jeep seems to be a mix of wood and metal fenders, windshield frame, underside, and most of the small parts as well being metal.

I’ve taken the some of the pics with a few more common Jeeps (Tonka,Marx,and the small JH Millstein Glass candy container Jeep) to show the crazy size comparison. I’d love it if you could post some pics of this Jeep and see if any of the other guys have any info on this thing or anyone has ever seen one like it.”
teds-unusual-toy-jeep-lores05 teds-unusual-toy-jeep-lores06 teds-unusual-toy-jeep-lores07


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10 Comments on “Ted’s Newest Model Jeep

  1. Mike

    This is an amazing unique Jeep model I’ve never seen before. When I first viewed it, the toy maker Hubley came to mind, but that’s not it. After some quick searches, Hubley made many Jeep models, but nothing like this.

  2. Andy

    I have the same model, was wondering if there were others….then I saw this one, but the seller wouldn’t ship…

  3. Ted Jordan

    Kinda does look a little like Slim in some of his pictures. Andy where did you find yours? Just curious. This one the story goes the lady I bought it from got it from previous owner who claims it was an estate sale score. Who knows. Thanks Eric, def a cool piece with lots of character

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Maybe there were a few made in the New England area? Andy, are the details exactly the same or just close?

  5. Ted Jordan

    Hey Gary, it’s Ted. Thanks for the info, I’d be interested to know where these came from originally. Are you in Middletown?

  6. Gary Keating

    yes Middletown ct. Just my opinion, but I always looked at this piece as something you might see in a gift store or tourist trap somewhere. I picture some island or other vacation spot. It was made commercially since several popping up now but mine was the only one i have ever seen until now. a cool piece of jeep folk art.

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