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Marx Toy Jeep w/ Trailer Cincinnati, OH $60

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Roger spotted this Marx jeep. Has this one been painted or did some of the Marx jeeps coming in multi colors like this?

“Metal toy Jeep and trailer made by Willy’s in the 1950’s.”



14 Comments on “Marx Toy Jeep w/ Trailer Cincinnati, OH $60

  1. Barney Goodwin

    They did come in various color combinations, features and themes. Earlier ones had steel wheels with printed tread. Some came with working headlights. And the WILLYS and JEEP trademarks were prominently and correctly embossed.

  2. James Hybicki

    the jeep color combination is correct, the trailer usually was one of the colors of the jeep and not mismatched gray with blue/red/yellow jeep. seldom do the trailers have a tailgate. hood on jeep usually raises and shows a stamped metal motor or a 2 D-cell battery holder for headlights that lighted up.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    The color of the trailer is the same color as the Nellybelle (Roy Rogers) Marx model of this, but I have never seen them in a pair before (?). Speaking of Nellybelle, when the Roy Rogers Museum closed a few years ago, Nellybelle sold at auction for over $116K plus Buyer’s Premium. A couple years ago, according to the 3B page, it sold for a little over $38K. Sounds like the Marx would be a better investment.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    So true Bob. I watched several years ago an M38 cross the state at the end of a Barrett auction and fetch over 100K with Buyer’s Premium. It had so many flaws, my appraisal of it didn’t reach 15. Always wondered how the buyer felt after he (woke) up the next day. I had originally set Nellybelle at around 35, 10 years before it went to 38.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Same thing with a DJ-3A Surrey a few years ago. It had a variety of flaws. Colin contacted Barrett to let them know, but it seems it sold at an all-too-high price anyway.

  6. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, several toy companies including Marx made the Roy Rogers Nellybelle Jeep, I assume under license from both Jeep and Roy Rogers’ management. The best way to see them is on ebay as they are on there all the time in various conditions. One NOS one on ebay was recently offered at auction in a still-sealed original box starting at $640.00. It just closed out with no bids so I’m waiting to see if it relists at a lower price. Any NOS toy like that is going to command a premium, but I thought the starting price was high. The Nellybelle Jeep came with a Roy Rogers and other accessories, but not the trailer discussed here. Definitely an important addition to a toy Jeep collection. The 3B page has an extensive article on it. Just Google Marx Nellybelle Jeep.

  7. Barney Goodwin

    I wanted to correct myself where I implied above they didn’t come as a pair. There is one NOS set right now on ebay, same Jeep and gray trailer and original box showing both Jeep and trailer as a set. Enter item # 401996489434 in the search block and it will come up as of this date.

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