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1954 CJ-5 Fire Engine Brochure

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These images of Form W-229-5 are from Troxel.

1954-cj5-fire-engine-brochure1 1954-cj5-fire-engine-brochure2 1954-cj5-fire-engine-brochure3


3 Comments on “1954 CJ-5 Fire Engine Brochure

  1. Mike

    I noticed the dealer rubber stamp on this brochure, Kelty Motors, Quinton, NJ, being from northern NJ, I never knew of that dealer or the town. Quinton Township is in Salem County, southern part of NJ population 2666. (Bad sign) I was thinking why would a Jeep dealership be in such a small town, but it makes sense. In the early 1950’s Salem County was farm country, large target market for Willys Jeep.

  2. rdjeep

    There was another dealer down that way, but a bit east in Malaga. It survived long after it was not technically a dealer anymore, maybe into the nineties? I suspected the same initial business attraction- farming.

  3. Mike

    Rdjeep, thanks for the info, It would be interesting to compile a list of early Willys Jeep dealerships state by state, I’m especially interested in NJ.

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