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1951 Truck Goochland, VA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $16,500.

Bill’s got this nice looking truck for sale and he provides a detailed review of what’s been done to it.

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“For sale is a restored 1951 Willys Overland pickup truck which I’ve owned for the past 18 years. The truck is a four wheel drive, 1 ton model with a 3 speed transmission and 2 speed transfer case. It’s powered by the Willys ‘Hurricane’ engine and still retains its 6 volt electrical system. Everything works on the truck as it should and it drives and stops fine. It’s been garaged for the past 22 years with the last 10 years in a climate controlled garage.

It’s an older “body off frame” restoration that was started in 1998 and was approximately 90% completed in 2005 after which it was stored for 15 years. I finally completed it this past summer. Unfortunately, some of the work that I had originally completed years ago had to be redone due to the length of time that it sat. It’s only been driven approximately 19 miles since I’ve owned it. Before contacting me, please read below for ALL the details on what work was done and when it was done. And, yes, you CAN drive it home if you want.

Included with the truck is a good used spare fuel pump, owner’s manual, factory service manual, various dealer advertising literature, reproduction wiring harness diagram, Dualmatic locking hub documentation, other misc. documentation and most of the receipts. Price is $16,500.00 in cash or a bank cashier’s check but I will not release the truck until the funds successfully transfer. Thanks !

Minor Condition Issues
Paint shows signs of garage rash. A few chips and scratches but nothing that’s serious

Front brakes could be adjusted a little better but it stops fine.

There are spots of minor surface rust starting to form under the truck. Also some prior nonstructural corrosion damage that was treated with POR15 years ago (see photos)

Passenger side rear frame gusset (between the cab and bed) has some minor corrosion damage and was treated with POR15 years ago. It’s still structurally sound but if you plan to haul ‘extremely’ heavy loads in the one ton range then it should be replaced. It can be easily replaced from under the truck (see photos)

I installed the vent window gasket on the driver side door incorrectly and it leaks. It should be replaced (new vent gasket included with the truck along with a new spare rear window gasket)

The truck didn’t leave the factory with turn signals but it’s wired for them if you want them. Also, the rear and front parking lights are converted to two wire sockets so all you need to do is install the turn signal switch on the steering wheel and connect the wires (New 6 volt turn signal unit comes with the truck)

Spare tire is flat and will need a tube

The front and rear output shaft seals in the transfer case drip fluid. This started after it was moved after sitting for 9 years in one place. I believe the seals should reseat themselves after more miles are put on it. The rear seal has gotten better since it’s been driven and I’ve been driving it recently with the front hubs engaged. If need be, they can be replaced from under the truck

Interior cab wind lace has not been installed. New wind lace is included with the truck

Body off frame restoration started by the original owner’s son
Frame was sand blasted, primed and painted
Suspension was gone thru and pins and bushings replaced. I believe the springs were also replaced
New wheel bearings, seals and brakes replaced where needed
New steel brake lines run
New master cylinder, flexible brake lines and wheel cylinders installed
Steering gear box was cleaned and lubed
Both differentials were checked, cleaned, new gaskets and seals installed and filled with correct gear oil.
Transmission and transfer case were checked and cleaned, new gaskets installed and filled with correct gear oil. There were seals that were also replaced but I’ve forgotten exactly which were replaced. The speedometer gear was replaced
The front fenders, hood, doors were rust and dent free and only required prepping and priming
The cab was solid but the floor pans were weak from corrosion so steel panels were cut and formed to fit on top of the pans. The corrosion was removed from under the pans and a skim coat and paint was applied
The original interior push button door handle mechanisms were replaced with modern lever style handle mechanisms which I believe became standard starting in the 1952 models
The original F134 engine had not been rebuilt yet so a temporary but worn F134 engine was installed along with the transmission and transfer case using all new rubber mounts
The cab was installed using new mounts along with the doors, hood and front fenders
New muffler and exhaust system installed
I purchased the project
The original bed assembly and rear fenders were too badly dented up to be used but I was able to save the original tailgate, front panel and the bed skirts
I used a bed floor from a 1957 truck that I owned at the time. That bed floor had minor dents and bends from normal usage along with some light corrosion. It also had a small rust hole on the side of it. I prepped, applied POR15 (rust encapsulater) and treated the entire bed, top and bottom. Sheet metal strips were cut and screwed on each side of the bed floor. Only one side was needed to cover up the small rust hole but I did the other also to keep it consistent looking. The original front panel was only slightly bowed and was used as is. I took the tailgate to a metal working shop and had them straighten it out and I spot treated the corroded areas with POR15. I used new steel reproduction bed side panels and new fiberglass rear fenders. The bed skirts were used as is
The truck was professionally prepped and painted with color and clear coat. It’s a dark green with some metallic mixed in. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would rate it a 7
Dynamat insulation installed in the doors and front kick panels
Steering column was checked, cleaned and installed
The headlight and parking light buckets were restored and reproduction tail lights installed. The front parking lights were converted to two wire sockets. The truck originally left the factory with a single tail and brake light on the driver side. I added an additional tail light on the passenger side and both have two wire sockets.
A new reproduction 6 volt wiring harness (cloth over modern wire) was installed. The truck didn’t leave the factory with turn signals but this harness included the front and rear turn signal wires
All interior and exterior bright work was re-chromed or replaced with NOS or reproduction
All new glass, seals, gaskets and felts were installed
All interior gaskets and rubber items were installed
All engine compartment gaskets were installed
Exterior locking and non-locking door handles were cleaned, lubed and installed
New side view mirrors installed
Original dash gauges were cleaned, tested and installed
Odometer was reset to 0 miles
Installed new speedometer cable
Original ignition and light switches were cleaned, tested and installed
The seat, visors and arms rests were professionally restored
Interior glove compartment, steering wheel, wiper and choke controls were replaced with new reproduction or NOS parts
New reproduction interior door and kick panels painted and installed
Rebuilt vacuum wiper pump installed using the original wiper cable assemblies

New fuel tank, sending unit and fuel line installed
Five new Dunlop Range Rover tires installed
New battery with NOS 6 volt cables, ground straps, new regulator, rebuilt starter, rebuilt carburetor, rebuilt generator, rebuilt fuel pump and water pump installed on the temporary F134 engine
The truck was only driven a mile or two on my private road to test the power train and brakes which all worked perfectly. The truck was then stored until 2010

The original F134 engine which had been out of the truck for years was accidentally sold so I purchased another F134 engine and had that rebuilt. Bored .030 over with hardened valve seats. The truck and rebuilt engine sat in the garage until 2019

Assembled and installed the rebuilt engine using the new parts from the temporary engine along with a new clutch, throw out bearing, oil pressure and engine temperature sending units. I replaced the original accelerator linkage and cable system with the over the valve cover linkage from a Willys CJ5 which I felt was a better design
Due to damage from old fuel, I had to install another new rebuilt carburetor, fuel tank and sending unit. Also added a modern inline fuel filter under the truck
New plugs, coil, rotor and points installed
Installed Kaiser Jeep part #921937 (Slack Adjuster Kit) to eliminate brake and clutch pedal slop
Installed a new 6 volt battery
Installed a set of restored period correct Dualmatic locking hubs
Installed a correct restored Harrison heater/defroster unit with the correct lighted rheostat switch
All water, fuel, oil and vacuum hoses replaced
Brake lines were blown out and new master cylinder, hydraulic brake light switch, rear brake shoes, springs and wheel cylinders and new front wheel cylinders installed
Dynamat insulation installed on the floor and under the seat storage area
New floor mat installed
New rebuilt starter”


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  1. JohnfromSC

    Lovely truck. If only it were a later super hurricane or tornedo equipped, his phone would be ringing right now, even as my wife would be booting me out the door!

  2. Chris nj

    As too john SC we would both @ his front door flip a coin to see who get buy it & yes I may be sleeping in truck until she cools off Chris NJ

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