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Barrett-Jackson Jeeps at Scottsdale 2020

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Several Jeeps are being auctions at this year’s Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale. The first few have yet to be auctioned, but some of the latter listed have already been auctioned. The CJ-2A’s price was particularly obscene.

1.  1957 FC-170
1957 Jeep FC150 4X4 with a 134.2ci 4-cylinder Hurricane engine and a 3-speed manual transmission. It features a deluxe interior, USB port and a power plug. This Jeep received a frame-off restoration.

2. 1957 Custom FC-170
Lot #1559.1 – This is a 1957 Jeep Willys that has received many modifications. A modern Chevrolet V6 engine with a 3-speed automatic transmission and conventional differential converts this former off-road vehicle to a highway cruiser. The FC stands for Forward Control. It was produced by Willys Motors, later named Kaiser Jeep from 1956-65. A very neat custom interior finishes off a great truck. It includes a former M101 military-style trailer. It features chrome gas cans and its own parking brake. Both truck and trailer are painted in Mercedes-Benz Andorite Gray.

3. 1960 CJ-5 Wood Body (here’s a previous link for this one):
Powered by a 4-cylinder engine with a manual transmission. Completely custom-built with maple and cherry wood; 1-inch-thick wood glued and screwed every 4-inches and covered in 10 coats of varnish. **SOLD ON BONDED TITLE** **TITLE IN TRANSIT**

4. 1960 Truck:
This 1960 Willys Custom 4×4 pickup underwent a frame-off restoration documented with photos. It’s powered by a 350ci V8 engine backed by a Turbo 400 3-speed automatic transmission. This custom pickup features front disc brakes, power steering, Scout front axle, 3/4 ton rear end and Rough Country suspension. This solid California Willys pickup was completely stripped down and disassembled for paint. Its exterior was professionally painted in Viper Red paint, while the pickup bed and underside of the body were given a red-tint LizardSkin coating. The exterior features Smittybilt front and rear bumpers, custom Fuel Wheels and brand-new Renegade all-terrain tires.

5. 1951 Jeepster:
This 1951 Willys Custom Jeepster was built in Arizona and received a full frame-off restoration. Power is provided by a fuel-injected Ram Jet 350ci V8 engine mated to a 700R4 4-speed lockup automatic transmission. For off-roading it features an Atlas Highlander transfer case. The front and rear axles are both Currie 9-inch Ford with 3.73 limited-slip gears. This Willys is set up for city and highway cruising, as well as off-roading. It has a CD player located under the driver’s seat and a beautiful beige interior. It includes a complete picture book of the restoration, from start to finish, along with all receipts of the build.
1951-jeepster-bj-az6. 1948 CJ-2A (**SOLD** for $20,900):
Nicely restored Willys. Many hours were spent getting this Jeep to its current condition. Powered by a 134ci 4-cylinder engine. It is four-wheel drive with a high/low range and a 3-speed manual transmission. Rewired and is now a 12-volt system. Everything works great on this vehicle. This Willys is truly universal.
1948-cj2a-bj-az01 1948-cj2a-bj-az0 1948-cj2a-bj-az1 1948-cj2a-bj-az2

7. 1971 Jeepster Commando (**SOLD** for $16,500):
This hardtop 4×4 Jeepster Commando is powered by a rebuilt 225ci Dauntless V6 engine with a 3-speed automatic transmission. It features power steering and power brakes. Body-up restoration incudes new bodywork, new paint and upholstery, new carpets and dash, new whitewall tires, new shocks, new battery and cables, new headlights, taillights and sidelights. New muffler and tailpipe. Engine was rebuilt seven years ago. All mechanical parts and work done as original, except paint, upholstery and tires, which have been updated. Stored inside. Runs and drives well.

8. 1949 Jeepster (**SOLD** for $9900):
This restored Willys is finished in Metallic Green and black with a matching new black convertible top featuring removable side curtains. The black interior has new seat covers and carpet. The 134ci 4-cylinder engine runs and drives like it should. The 3-speed manual transmission shifts as it should and was rebuilt in October 2018. All the chrome and brightwork, including the hubcaps, are in excellent condition. From The RPM Collection.

9. 1955 CJ-3B (**SOLD** for $13,500):
Custom with a new restoration in a military-style 4×4 Jeep. This is a go-anywhere, anytime vehicle great for hunting and off-road recreation. It is powered by a V6 engine with headers, 4-speed manual transmission, twin-stick 4×4 and 4×2 system with manual locking hubs. It features power steering and power brakes that makes this Jeep easy and fun to drive. The soft-top and soft doors can be easily removed. The interior has new vinyl seats and new AutoMeter gauges. The body is solid and accented with military-style decals. ** TITLED AS A 1955 WILLY**

10. 1965-FJ-6 (**SOLD** Was $23,100): 
This 1965 Jeep received an extensive restoration. The bare metal was repainted and the undercarriage has been media-blasted and painted. A custom-made wood rear roll-up door was installed. The custom wood interior was done by a professional carpenter. Hurricane 4-cylinder engine paired with an automatic transmission.


9 Comments on “Barrett-Jackson Jeeps at Scottsdale 2020

  1. Mike

    It will be interesting to see what that dopey wood Jeep goes for, if at all. These high priced auctions are becoming a “dumping ground” for suckers. Like the salesman at Mide motors said back in 1968, there’s an A– for every car.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Like the M38 that sold at Barrett many years ago for over 100K (and was worth 15) … what happens when 2 old men with a lot of beer in them start bidding against each other. The quality of 1 – 10 above shows the direction Barrett has been heading. Sad part is most of us couldn’t get near the place with a real quality restoration. Good entertainment though.

  3. james

    I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for that wooden jeep. its been for sale on several sights for a long time. someone invested a lot of quality time, that’s for sure, but its just such a unique one off, other than the person that made it, or maybe his kids that appreciate his work, its just a gimmick.

    the red and silver FC’s, I bet they go for top $$$$

  4. Mike

    I think that’s where these high priced celebrity auctions are beginning to lose their credibility, the pre- set auction estimate set high to encourage bidding, very much a modern day version of the old days when auctions planted a “SHILL” to drive up the price. Eventually, bidders caught on to it and prices came down to realistic levels. That’s what is happening here on many of these auction sites, a new version of a old game. I think it is already arousing suspicion to warrant government intervention.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    RACE: never heard that story. I’ll have to do some research to see if I can learn more.

    – Dave

  6. Barney Goodwin

    Race, Thank you for sharing the link. I was fascinated by that Jeep. Recently on eWillys we discussed the “Z” model radio Jeep. 2 features on this Jeep are evidence it may have been one: The spark plug “can” (cover assy) was part of a whole kit under the hood to shield electrical components. The other cans are missing. The other is the housing between the front seats which would cover the large, PTO 12V generator. It had a belt drive and had to be covered. Concerning the history of it, a few things tease me that this may have been a French rebuild: Cold weather fasteners on the grill, the style heater, and the type horn. Can’t be sure without examining the frame for their reinforcements, but just a theory and considering that may have been the easiest way to get several “ready” Jeeps for the show in the mid-70s. The data plates and screws are not original and there are other “restoration” type things I do not believe were part of it when on screen. But keep in mind, it was in private hands for 32 years after Video Shack. With a COA and features of this Jeep, I believe it was a fair to good deal for the buyer. Will be interesting to see if it shows up at military shows.

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