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1980 DJ-5L Brochure

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Gayland also sent this standard DJ-5L Dispatcher 100 brochure, form AMG 7-80.


1980-brochure-amg-7-80-dj5L-2 1980-brochure-amg-7-80-dj5L-3 1980-brochure-amg-7-80-dj5L-4


7 Comments on “1980 DJ-5L Brochure

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Hi Dave..I know you’re having email problems, so mine may not have made it to you…I have 1969 DJ-5A Dispatcher 100 Service manual, Parts Manual, Parts Supplement and Body parts list…total of about 400 pages….I’ll send it to you if you’d like it for your archives…Email your mailing address…Craig

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Dave and Craig, 69 was the first year model for these. I think the -M was the last around 1983 right before the LLV still in use today. I was fascinated by the above brochure “options” including AC, radio and pass seat and colors. These vehicles were also available for sale to the public. In the late 80s as USPS was divesting themselves of these vehicles, the Ohio city I was a manager for bought a couple for parking enforcement ($500 ea). A couple years later we went back to the depot in Columbus for a couple more (they had a parking lot full) and were told they were no longer for sale and that the remaining fleet would be crushed for scrap. Said it was for public safety. I believe that, like the M151 series, Jeep didn’t want the market awash in surplus Jeeps of any type and pressured government agencies to scrap them.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Barney, great info as usual. I could imagine there was some pressure to just crush them. Hard to think they weren’t safe.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    In fact, these were not safe. At least or especially beyond their intended use. First one I saw in 69 in my hometown of Houston I asked the carrier about it. He immediately told me of the carrier killed on Loop 610 when one rolled end over end. But what was that vehicle doing on an interstate highway. Right hand drive and an extremely short wheelbase that will almost turn and meet itself. Perfect for box to box mail, parking enforcement, or short pharmacy delivery. But play the fool in it and, like the M151s, you’ll wear it.

  5. Gayland Leddy

    I drove my 72 DJ5B on Dallas highways for years – 30 miles each way. But being Dallas rush hour traffi, 50 mph was about as fast as you were ever going to travel.

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