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Just a Few Updates for Wednesday

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UPDATE: I accidentally scheduled this for Thursday when it should have appeared today. Anyway, after I wrote it, I endured a second wave of chills and night sweats. Oh joy! Feeling better right now, but I can tell I’m not quite over it just yet.

Strange day Tuesday. I got a 10am haircut. Felt fine. Got home and checked on eWillys: site was down. As I awaited the site’s return, I started feeling achey (it came on quickly). So, with the site down and me possibly getting sick, I decided make good use of that time by cloning my old hard drive on a new SSD hard drive. It wasn’t until i started that process that I Iearned it would take about 12 hours to complete the cloning.

About an hour after that (say noonish), my whole body felt terrible and I came down with chills. Meanwhile, the site mysteriously popped back up. However, by then, I was ready to forget updates and focus on getting better. Also, by then, Ann was coming down with chills as well. So, we pulled multiple layers of covers over our bed, turned on the heating blanket, and watched some TV. We shivered for a couple hours, unable to get very warm.

By 4:00, still having the chills, I had some hot chicken noodle soup. That took me from chills-ville to overheating and sweats. A couple hours more bed time and tv and food started sounding good again. Ann, too, was feeling better.

It’s now 9pm and I don’t feel too bad anymore. So, not sure what we had, but (fingers crossed) it seems to have passed rather quickly. Weird!

So, I’ll save emails and other stuff for Wednesday (assuming I still feel good).



3 Comments on “Just a Few Updates for Wednesday

  1. Mark S.

    Glad you and Ann are feeling better, I hope you stay well. That Chinese virus has been confirmed in Washington State, seek medical attention if you start feeling bad! I use to be able to power thru sickness, if I needed to get something done, but now that I am older, I can’t do anything when I am
    sick. STAY HEALTHY!

    PS – I felt kinda of sick yesterday when the eWillys site was down!

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