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1956 Willys Utility Wagon Brochure

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This was advertised in a late 1955 Willys News, but does not appear to have been published until 1956, based on the Form M-221-6.

1956-form-m-221-6-utility-wagon-brochure1-lores 1956-form-m-221-6-utility-wagon-brochure2-lores 1956-form-m-221-6-utility-wagon-brochure3-lores 1956-form-m-221-6-utility-wagon-brochure4-lores


3 Comments on “1956 Willys Utility Wagon Brochure

  1. Mike

    How is the claim of a twenty seven percent increase in horsepower justified? Was this due to the short lived 2 barrel carburetor available in 1955 ?

  2. Bingo

    This is the 1st brochure I’ve seen dated ’56 that has the grill bar in the proper place. I don’t get out much tho’! I just ride the Dave wave.

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