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Shane’s Spring 2020 Trip in a GPW

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Shane’s preliminary route from Florida to Richmond, VA, Spring 2020, View it on Google.

You may remember my visit with Shane Miller while I was visiting Richmond, Virginia, this past December. I recently turned Shane onto a running, driving GPW in Florida, which he subsequently bought. Instead of towing it home, he’s decided to drive it home to Richmond, an 863 mile drive. He plans on taking the trip sometime in late March or April.

Shane’s preliminary Route on Google 

Why is he doing it? Because, why not? I applaud the adventurous spirit and am jealous that I’m not in the passenger seat! Sometimes you just gotta live life and take some chances.

That said, he’s not dumb either. He’s worked on enough WWII jeeps that he doesn’t underestimate their ability to break down. So, he’s publishing a potential route to see who might be along the route in case he does have some mechanical problems.

One of his goals is to visit the Jeep-Collection at Omix-Ada. Another goal is to visit his 101-year-old Great Uncle, a WWII vet, in Athens, Georgia. He thinks his uncle will get a very big kick out of seeing him driving the GPW.

If you are along the route or have suggestions/comments, feel free to comment below or contact him directly at donovanshanemiller @ (no spaces around the @)


Shane and I in December 2019


9 Comments on “Shane’s Spring 2020 Trip in a GPW

  1. Mark Dulken

    I’m in Asheville NC and would be happy to be available for any needed assistance, beer drinking, story sharing, etc.

  2. Donovan S Miller

    Thanks, gents. It should be exciting if nothing else. It’s amazing what happens when the seller says’ “You could
    Drive this thing home to VA!”

  3. Randy Qualls

    I’m in Franklin NC incase he needs anything, however we will be leaving March 20 for our cross country trip.
    Randy Qualls 828-421-4646

  4. Daniel Getz

    I too wish I was in the passenger seat! you need a good vid cam, Iphone? this trip needs to be well documented and posted on YT. I would LOVE to ride along vicariously! Also can we see a pic of the machine making the trip?

  5. Scott Graves

    Now that’s very cool. A great trip it will be I’m sure. I love the fact your planning on stopping and seeing your great uncle. Safe travels when the time comes.

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