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Gumby & Pokey Jeep

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For only $2.99 you could have had Gumby, Pokey, their jeep and playmates back in 1966, at least according to this page from the Ward’s Christmas catalog Maury spotted. Someone is selling this page of the catalog for $15 (yikes).

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Or for a lot more, you can have an original set in very good condition, plus a few extra figures for only $350!


Or, for $79, you can have a slightly used set from eBay.


gumby-jeep4 gumby-jeep3 gumby-jeep2 gumby-jeep1



One comment on “Gumby & Pokey Jeep

  1. Mark

    Good buy. Probably safe to assume the hat channels and floors are not rusted out. However the front fenders have been modified. Numbers match?

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