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1959 FC-170 Dually Memphis, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500.

Appears worth a look.

“1959 Jeep CC170 one ton truck extremely rare find! Runs great!
Would be great to keep it in the condition it’s in or turn this into a great restoration project!”



13 Comments on “1959 FC-170 Dually Memphis, TN **SOLD**

  1. Blaine

    It appears to have been a fire truck which may mean it has a 4 speed. Some people are just too shy on giving info in their ad or at least enough pictures to tell the story.

  2. Rick Farquhar

    Good price. Given the front winch it may also have A rear PTO to run the pump since it was a fire truck.

  3. Mark C

    I’m sorry, but there’s no way to tell if that’s a good price or not…..You need to go look at it and I bet you’ll find problems that weren’t shown in pictures not taken. Could be a nice one though.

    The question I have is……… Jeep made almost no DRW’s, why do so many of them seem to have survived.

  4. Matt

    For guys interested in this I believe the owner knows of the whereabouts of the original firetruck body that came off of this truck. It would be neat to see it brought back to its original state. I am pretty sure the owner has the complete history of it as well.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Matt: Thanks for the update on the firetruck body.

    Mark: It’s true that you never know if something is a deal or not until you go see it. But, that said, a running driving dually is fetching pretty good prices these days, so if there are no surprises, based on the pics we have, this could be a fine price. To answer your question as to why so many are around? Maybe they just weren’t used all that often, so they were mostly parked in barns/sheds/shops, which helped preserve them? That’s my best guess…

  6. Galen

    This rig comes out of Searcy, AR & was driven around frequently. The rear fire truck portion is in the Little Rock area, & probably available for purchase. Former owner is a solid mechanic. It will be interesting to see what this goes for & where it ends up!

  7. Dave

    I’m trying to contact the owner. The craigslist ad doesn’t give me the contact information.

    Does anyone have the contact info?

    Thanks, DAVE

  8. Blaine

    I have had CL ads say “an error has Occurred” for the phone number that sometimes works later, or worked earlier or maybe works from another computer.

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