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UPDATE: Jeep’s Groundhog Day Commercial with Bill Murray

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UPDATE: There’s an interesting story about the making of this commercial; it almost didn’t happen. It was shot in the same town where Murray shot Groundhog Day, just two weeks before the SuperBowl. Murray calls it his first and last national commercial.


Original Post Feb 2, 2020: Maury alerted me to this funny commercial. Hope you all enjoy it.


5 Comments on “UPDATE: Jeep’s Groundhog Day Commercial with Bill Murray

  1. Mike

    Great commercial, very creative, reminds me of the days when you had talent in the advertising industry. A commercial that tells a story, not like today’s split second sound bites.

  2. David

    The only thing that would have made it better is if they’d have included the part where he punches Ned Ryerson in the face…

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    The ad was probably the best ?? of any that I saw during the game…….my eyes were still trying to un-see the halftime show when this ad finally ran !! My wife even said…….”that is really a cool car……what is it ?”……..I had to tell her that it was a distant relative of the 1953 CJ3B in the shed back in Iowa……I think she likes the vehicle in the commercial much better !

  4. Bob

    I thought it was awesome. A really good commercial. Bill Murray ad libbing at his best. What I don’t get is those freaky robot things in the one commercial that the critics loved. I did not get that one at all, and “the Shining” one flopped which I loved.

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