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Who? is Going Where? For What Purpose? When?

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UPDATE II: It is two years later, May 2022 … Well, so much for grand plans! A combination of 1) a pandemic and 2) my mother-in-law getting cancer wiped out this opportunity.  

UPDATE: Congrats to Joe in Mesa (who I had already planned to see next month in Mesa) for correctly guessing that I am tentatively scheduled to fly to the African country of Namibia in early July 2020 for a 2-3 week drive/camping in a CJ-2A with 2 or 4 other jeeps for a trip around that beautiful country. I then plan to spend several days in Capetown before flying back home. There will be more info forthcoming as the trip gets put together.


Sometimes life just happens in unexpected ways.

So, the first person who can decipher these semi-cryptic clues as to what will be happening, then comment below with the correct answer as to ‘Who? is Going Where? For What Purpose? In What Month?’ will be awarded one of two brochures. The winner can choose between this original 1955 Willys 4-wheel-drive-brochure or this original 1955 Public Service brochure.

Once the correct answer is determined (and I might not be awake when the first answers appear in the comment section, as most posts appear before 4am my time), I will explain more detail.



14 Comments on “Who? is Going Where? For What Purpose? When?

  1. David

    My guess is You and Ann are road tripping to Ohio for Jeepfest on July 1st.
    If so, I hope to see you there!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Joe in Mesa is the winner! However, it’s only me going and not Ann. I’ll update the post shortly with what I know so far.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    If I can turn it into an interesting book, I will (at the very least a Dispatcher article). In addition, there is some interest to have me do a presentation at the Willys Reunion about the trip, but we’ll see how everything unfolds.

    I have been told that connectivity will be spotty at best during the drive, so at least I won’t have to worry about nightly updates! I’ll likely re-run a ton of old posts in my absence.

    As for the mosquitos, I will defer to the locals on how to handle them, but I have learned that some northern mosquitos are malaria carriers, so I will be on the requisite anti-malaria medication if necessary.

    – Dave

  4. Dan B.

    There’s a guy from Namibia with a slew of Willys who just joined Old Willys Forum. I’ll look up the thread.

  5. Bob in nc


    Lots of logs still being exported from over there. Be careful. It’s a dangerous place. If you do see timber being harvested would be interested to hear what kind of wood it is. I guess you will be in the woods camping every night?

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Bob .. I’ve only seen lots of desert … reminds me of the Mountain West. Maybe more timber in the northeastern part of the country. I’m still learning …

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