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Pedal Jeep Marietta, GA $450

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Roger Martin spotted this unusual pedal jeep. It’s got very distinctive fenders. I don’t recognize it and don’t see it on Derek’s CJ-3B pedal jeep pages.

“Early 50s steel jeep pedal car ready for your restoration. Body is straight”

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3 Comments on “Pedal Jeep Marietta, GA $450

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Colin, that’s what I initially thought, too. But, it doesn’t have the same type of grille (that is wide enough to cover the fenders). So, that made me think it might not be a Triang.

  2. Colin Peabody

    If you look at the body from the rear, you can see where the body goes in, however the hood is wider and covers more of the fenders, which may have been what Triang did to update to a CJ3B model?? Just thinking out loud!

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