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L-226 Engine with Supersonic Head Albany, NY $375

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Someone might like this. This likely includes a T-86 (not a T-96 as I indicated earlier) with a BW overdrive.

“Complete Kasier Supersonic Engine with Overdrive Transmission also bell housing.”



6 Comments on “L-226 Engine with Supersonic Head Albany, NY $375

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Vernon, I think you mean the T-96? That was used in the Jeepster, DJ-3A and some 2WD trucks. The T-86 wasn’t used until 1966 according to what I’ve read.


    hola – the t-86 was used in 2wd willys wagons with the 226 and 230 engines – its basically a t-90 with bevel cut 1st gear – I have the later t-86aa in my 1967 cj-6 – the t-86 has 6 bolts on the top cover , t-96 has 4 – manana ~

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I did a little more complete research this time and I stand corrected. My bad. I’ll fix the post.

    – Dave

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