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1941 BRC-40 Bantam Gering, NE **SOLD**

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UPDATE II: This is now located at the NMMV Museum in Dubois, Wyoming. It was priced at $110,000.

UPDATE: I wasn’t sure on the price for this, but it seems this is the asking price for a nicely restored BRC-40 these days. More pics here:

“This is a completely restored Bantam BRC witch is show quality. Original correct in every part. May be nicest one in existence Please send me an email for link to picture page or follow link below.

Will consider trades, offers, or just negotiate price.”













9 Comments on “1941 BRC-40 Bantam Gering, NE **SOLD**

  1. Vintage Don

    I’d say he’s serious. He says “original correct in every part. May be nicest one in existence.” And there’s definitely not too many BRCs around…. I’d interpret an asking price of $110 to mean $100 would probably buy it.

  2. Mike

    Although a rare and unique vehicle, of which may or may not be worth the asking price, (what do I know) a very limited market. Unless you are one of the last of the big spenders, few could afford it. Granted, it may be worth the price, but how many of the buying public would be anxious to fork over a hundred grand and not miss it. Or in other words, you’d have to be a very special buyer who just happened to be in the market for this vehicle.

  3. Mike

    Not to be critical OK, but notice the cardboard under the vehicle to catch the oil drips. This is positive proof of a AUTHENTIC RESTORATION.

    All kidding aside, I understand the value as a historic vehicle, what I don’t understand is the value of war and how that translates over to the public market place. Not meant to be a political statement,
    but give this some thought for the sake of humanity. Billions are spent on weapons of war, and as a result, objects of war are prized and increase dramatically, the more popular the war, the higher the price of war vehicles the public is willing to pay. I can understand this Bantam as a museum piece and a philanthropic organization paying the asking price to acquire it. What irks me to no extent is the current marketplace that in my opinion, promotes continuing wars, a frenzy tht feeds on it self. Having said that, veterans of these wars are always in need of better health care, and funding is on the chopping block. Do you get my point, our priorities are screwed up. I’ve said enough, just food for thought.

  4. jim schwartzkopf

    Hi all
    I was the Bantam BRC owner. It was sold last year to the NMMV military Museum in Dubois Wyoming.
    I would suggest you look this place up on the internet. Its the max military museum. Price was close to asking price, very close. It was a great BRC. I had 4 of them and it was my last one. Here is my email in case anyone has questions or need info on Bantams.
    Jim Schwartzkopf

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the update and congrats on the sale. I’ve posted an update that includes a link to the museum. My wife and I will add the museum to our list of places to visit in Wyoming.

    – Dave

  6. David Eilers Post author


    The link still works. That’s some absolutely beautiful work! Great stuff!

    – Dave

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