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1947 Janney’s Toys’ Ad on eBay

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The price of the paper ad from a Janney’s Toys catalog(?) seems crazy to me, but the ad is a neat bit of info if you own one of these two jeep toys.

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2 Comments on “1947 Janney’s Toys’ Ad on eBay

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, I just realized the price was per/DOZEN! That explains the strangely high prices.

    Yet, there’s something here I’m not getting … if the suggested retail price on the Army Jumping Jeep Car is $0.95 each, why then is the price per dozen $14.70 (or $1.23 each)??

    Same with the Jouncing Jeep. Suggested retail price is $1.79, but the price per dozen is $29.60, or $2.47/each?

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