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1950 Photo of Jeep-mounted 105mm on eBay

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Another photo showing the test of the 105mm recoil-less rifle.

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“1950 Press Photo US soldiers Ernest Pupo & James F. with jeep-mounted rifle, MD. This is an original press photo. Guns – United States. Aberdeen, Maryland. The Army’s new jeep-mounted 105-millimeter recoil-less rifle (above) is credited with being able to knock out any known foreign tank. It was demonstrated for the first time this week at the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground for Secretary of the Army Frank Pace. Shown loading the tank buster are Pfc Ernest Pupo (left) and Corporal James F…Photo measures 9 x 8inches. Photo is dated 11-25-1950.”

1950-11-25-gun-mb-test1 1950-11-25-gun-mb-test2


3 Comments on “1950 Photo of Jeep-mounted 105mm on eBay

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Good catch Doug. I missed that. Given the extra weight, I would think they’d want a full floater in the rear in case the axle broke.

  2. Jim doyle

    Was a 106mm rifle. Trained on it at FT Dix in the winter of 66. Was mounted a M38A1 and my ears still ring from firing the damn thing.
    COL Jim Doyle USA RET

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