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1942 GPW Auction by Sotheby’s March 26-27

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This GPW was supposedly found in Tunisia and restored in Italy. It will go up for auction in Germany (if I understand correctly) March 26-27.

1942-gpw-auction1 1942-gpw-auction2


9 Comments on “1942 GPW Auction by Sotheby’s March 26-27

  1. Mark Dulken

    Love the patina but if that’s undergone a full restoration did they then “weather” it to look unrestored?

  2. CraigInPA

    This is carrying no less than 12 jerry cans for gas. I highly doubt anyone would carry that much gas in their jeep in actual battle conditions.

  3. Mark Dulken

    CraigInPa, Do some research of the SAS exploits in Northern Africa with the LRDG during WW2. They needed every bit of that fuel.

  4. Mike

    I think I’ve seen this one before, it was for sale in the states, California with some rich guy and his family dressed up in period correct clothing, it was even posted here on EWillys, maybe about 2 years ago.

  5. RACE

    In some of the photos it does appear like faux patina, especially the wheels. The stamping on the center glove box tag does not appear authentic to me.

  6. Randy

    If it is faux patina, it is pretty amazing. It must be a painstaking process. It certainly adds to the character and authenticity of the Jeep. The patina on the gas and water Jerry cans look very real indeed. One of the more unique Jeeps I’ve seen for sale. Thanks for posting. Any thoughts on hammer price for this one?

  7. Andy Campbell

    If you ever want to get your desert “Jeep porn” on, watch the documentary SAS Rogue Warriors. It’s amazing what those guys did in their Jeeps and how loaded down they were.

  8. Dan B.

    Thanks Andy Campbell. I watched the first episode of “SAS Rogue Warriors” over the weekend. Great stuff!

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