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  1. 1959 Wagon Berthold, CO $5500:
  2. 1952 Wagon Rancho Santa Mararita, CA $18,000:
  3. 1955 Wagon Harrison, ID $5000:
  4. 1955 Wagon Shepherd, MT $1750:
  5. 1955 Wagon Fernley, NV $2000:
  6. 1949 Wagon Modesto, CA $2000:
  7. 1953 Wagon Soulsbyville, CO $4000:
  8. Year? Wagon Auburn, AL $3000:
  9. 1961 Wagon Chuluota, FL $18,000:
  10. 1956 Wagon Davie, FL $5900:
  11. 1962 Wagon Scotch Plains, NJ eBay:


  1. 1951 Truck Swedesboro, NJ $17,000:
  2. 1959 Truck Nampa, ID $9000:
  3. 1955 Truck Detroit, MI $10,500:
  4. 1954 Truck Wickenburg, AZ $14,000:
  5. 1948 Truck Roseburg, OR $1500:
  6. 1951 Truck Antelope Valley, CA $9500:
  7. 1957 Truck Dwight, IL $1200:
  8. 1952 Truck Bellwood, NE $1500:
  9. 1949 Truck Mantorville, MN $9500:
  10. 1953 Truck Elk River, MN $1850:
  11. Trucks Hewitt, MN $3650:
  12. 1960 Truck Blue Ridge, GA $2000:
  13. 1955 Truck Pickens, SC $3200:
  14. 1948 Truck Arnold, MD $3500:

9 Comments on “Wagons & Trucks

  1. Dan B.

    Wagon #1 in Colorado looks like a nice stocker. Also appears to have a Warn/Saturn overdrive.

  2. Bingo

    I bet Dan hasn’t seen the ’56 waggie in Fl. yet. “unmolested” Till y’all git to the last pic of engine bay.
    Obviously Dave didn’t see it either. Or I missed his hub ID!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bingo … I did see that ’56 and its hubs, but didn’t mention the Cutlas Power-lock Hubs in the post 🙂

    – Dave

  4. Pete Buttagigger

    how about the green 1949 truck with the little brass jeep emblem on the lower left cowl ? – I thought only 1950 models had that ? – I have one on my 1950 673 wagon . this is the first time I’ve seen a 1949 vehicle with it .

  5. David Eilers Post author


    I’m really glad you pointed that badge out. I didn’t know they put those badges on 1950 models. The badge didn’t appear in advertising until late 1949 (the earliest I have found is Dec 1949), which suggests that it probably didn’t appear on vehicles until 1950, as you noted. Perhaps the title on this truck is incorrect or it is a combination of parts.

    – Dave

  6. Dan B.

    According to the Willys America guide (page 26), “The brass medallion was found on April to November 1950 1/2 production Wagons, Jeepsters, and Trucks. It was riveted to the driver’s side lower cowl just about the fender extension. The vehicles also featured a ‘4’ or a ‘6’ on the Hood Ornament – representing the motor’s cylinder count. Both the Medallion and the special Hood Ornament were discontinued later in the this (1950) production year.”

    “As for the brass emblem, they were included on vehicles built from April to November 1950.” Bill Norris, sage Jeep historian (


    I have the willys america guide and some of the info is not correct , which is understandable when dealing with ancient esoteric issues like this – I have seen the little brass emblem on pointed grill willys trucks , wagons , sedan deliverys and jeepsters , made april 1950 to end of 1950 model run – I have never seen one on a flat front willys vehicle like this 1949 truck , and god knows I have a lot of them – I think this is one of those rare early 1950 flat fronts , it has the correct gauges , ashtray , wiper knob , so maybe willys-o started the little ” made by jeep ” emblems in early 1950 ? – I saw an early 1950 jeepster flat front with hardly any trim at the half moon bay dream machine show 1990’s – didn’t look for the emblem , I was drinking a lot at the show and walked over from my shop nearby where I fixed heavy trucks and aerial bucket lifts . I have all the ” 4 ” and ” 6 ” emblems , for flat fronts and pointed grills . god bless

  8. Bingo

    I’ve a ’50 P U, point grille, w/da badge. They even cast those silly, trademark ‘ punctuation marks into it, (which Dave went to great lengths explaining in past posts)
    Dear Stir; Clever nomme de guerre! Hope god has blessed y’all w/4wd on yer road to recovery, as it’s always bumpy! My A sentence is over too.

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