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Light Duty Rescue Truck Brochure Form W-F56-1

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UPDATE: Dan’s got a good thread related these trucks at the Old Willys Forum. The 1956 June-July issue of Willys News included a reference to this vehicle.

I suspect this brochure, Form W-F56-1, was published in 1956, so I’ll republish it here as we are attempting to move through the 1956 brochure year. My guess is that this eight page brochure was a lunch brochure for the light duty rescue truck.

One great thing is that it has a list of all the equipment that is supposed to come with truck, plus a picture showing how it was organized in the back.

1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure11 1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure12 1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure13 1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure14

1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure15 1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure16 1950s-light-duty-rescue-truck-brochure17


8 Comments on “Light Duty Rescue Truck Brochure Form W-F56-1

  1. CraigInPA

    Awesome brochure. It almost makes you want to go out and start collecting parts for your own re-creation of this bit of American history.

  2. Larry Towell

    Craig, I had the same thought. It would be amazing to re-create, or even more amazing to find one of these trucks to refurbish with all of the items listed and shown in this very cool brochure.

    That was a great score! No doubt! I have never seen one…

    All the best,

  3. Dave from Mn

    There was one for sale a couple of years ago by Duluth Mn. I saw it in person down by forest lake Mn by a collector ,reseller.

  4. Vernon Haggard

    i’m going to gut my 51 sedan delivery 2 wheel drive , 3rd one made in 1951 , toss the planar suspension frame , drop the body onto a 59 four wheel drive wagon frame I have ( leaning against the fence ) and — WHAM !! — RESCUE RANGER !!

  5. Jim Mueller

    I have number 2 of 2 built in 1959. I believe Paul Berry has the other one. I would like to get my hands on that brochure.


    OK — never seen this brochure – specs in 1956 say 226 L-head – similar to the Kaiser supersonic mill – my sedan delivery has the innovative f-6 161 – originally had the bulletproof f-4 134 — these were actual WILLYS OVERLAND MADE AND DESIGNED ENGINES – not the industrial continental redline Kaiser frazer forklift FLATTYS used in this rescue kubelwagen ..

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