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Welcome Ms. Betty Page

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On Saturday we made it to Minneapolis to pick up our new family addition, Ms. Betty Page, aka Page, a Shiranian (Pomeranian and Shi Tsu mix).


10 week old Betty Page

Our ten-year-old dog Zollie (also a Shiranian) had been become very needy following the death of his beagle pal “Jelly”. So, Ann began looking around for a companion for him. She had gotten Zollie in 2010 in Omaha when she lived there. So, when she tried to find a Shiranian locally, it proved impossible. In fact, only two locations had Shiranian pups ready for purchase: Minnesota and Kentucky. A third location, Missouri, had a very young litter, which won’t be ready until early May.

Since Ann needed a short break from her mother, and since family was going to be in town this weekend, we decided to “high tail it” to Minneapolis. After all, the weather was perfect for the drive (sun, no snow, and moderate temps). And, it’s only a 22 hour drive (and 1500 miles one way).  Our return trip will take two days (be home Monday at some point), as Page will require a few more potty breaks.


The pic that inspired the name.

Now, why the name Ms. Betty Page? Ann thought Page looked like a diva in the pic we received of her (pic above on the pink blanket). So, she did some research and thought Betty Page a good match for how she imagined Page might be. Sure enough, when we met the pup, she was a rascal. She’s not shy about pushing Zollie or chasing him, not that she can keep up with him yet. And, given the fact that I write, the name “Page” was also a fun fit.


Ann and I both thought that once Zollie passed away in a few years that we’d be dog free. Clearly, that plan is not longer the plan. 

Zollie isn’t quite a Page fan yet. That’s because he’s been a bachelor for most of his life. I haven’t written much about him, but Zollie (his full name is Zoloft) began as Ann’s PTSD dog, acquired a year before Ann acquired me. She’d only had big dogs until she got him, but with her injury issues, she decided a smaller dog made more sense.

He was an energizer bunny when she first got him. Since those early days, he’s become calmer and is now a sweet, smart, and super well-behaved dog. Zollie doesn’t shed (Hypoallergenic) and doesn’t like to get dirty/muddy/wet, so he’s a great inside dog. He can sit through a movie at a movie theatre and not make a peep. He can sit through dinner at a restaurant and not beg.

However, over the years, he’s developed more neuroses than Ann; he’s the one who needs the therapy (he’s afraid of fires, hate’s camping, hates traveling in the motorhome, hates being outside most of the time, hates having to eat out of a bowl, …. the list is a long one).

Anyway, that’s all for now. I need to get to bed. We need to get up early Sunday so we can find the largest Bison in Jamestown, ND, and get a “family” picture with it.


12 Comments on “Welcome Ms. Betty Page

  1. SteveK

    Looks like you’re going to have your hands full now. Cute! I feel her good energy already.

  2. Brad

    Always got to be at least one hater! Some people can’t even enjoy a new puppy without find the need to pick on it.

  3. Ted

    Congratulations on a great looking pup guys! Hopefully she will grow on Zollie and they will be great together. I’m with Brad on his comment and it looks like it’s time to cut loose the hater AGAIN! looked like for awhile it was nice to have him back but clearly we were mistaken, just the same old crap over and over again. I’m sure everyone knows who I’m talking about. Sorry to vent in comments section Dave and if you need to delete comment I’ll understand. Hopefully it will be up long enough to help

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Well guys, I was kind of expecting such a response from him (he wrote another strange one related to a comment from my mother). Those comments are gone. Fortunately, Ms. Page can’t read yet, so she wasn’t upset by them.

  5. rdjeep

    I recall going to get our new pup about 13 years ago now, in my ’96 Cherokee. It was only a 600 mile round-trip, which was enough. The alternator acted up on the trip out. We stopped short of our first planned night to have it checked at a J.C. Penney shop, of all places. When I went to pick it up the next morning and wasn’t charged a dime, I was dumbfounded . (Would have said “penny”, but that would have been a pun intended). Seems the nice mechanic named “Travis” didn’t see anything wrong at the moment he looked at it, so they wouldn’t charge me (pun intended there). That wouldn’t have happened in the big city! I slipped Travis a twenty, out of decency. Fortunately the alternator worked the rest of the way home, but the brushes were worn and intermittent contact was the theme. I pictured dead battery the middle of nowhere along with a new pup and angry wife.

  6. Dan B.

    As a someone who grew up in Humboldt County (and has moved two dozen times since high school), I gotta defend it a bit. It’s not perfect, but it’s filled with great folks, many of whom love old cars, trucks, and Willys. It’s not for everyone, but neither is New York City.

    Vernon, not sure where you are at now, but I’d love to meet up sometime for coffee or a beer and see your Jeeps.


  7. David Eilers Post author

    I apologize for all the emails every received related to Vernon’s outbursts. I am considering changing the system so that all comments require approval, because Vernon is now using fake emails, fake names, and fake IP addresses … that’s how obsessed he is with being a jerk.

    Anyway, thanks for all the positive comments. We returned safely tonight.

    – Dave

  8. Tom in Paris

    Glad you all got home safe with your new puppy. She looks like she’s going to fit in nicely. Thanks for all of the editing also!
    Dan B. should be commended for his civility.

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