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No Updates Tuesday


We made it home at 5pm on Monday. There were frequent stops, as Ms. Page came equipped with a ‘starter’ bladder, which is pretty small. However, to her credit, she never peed in the jeep. So, kudos to her.

On our drive through Montana we saw several feral jeeps along the highway in varying conditions. I also ran across a mid 1950s wagon in downtown Bozeman, kitty corner from the (which was very good). However, we were in a rush and the weather was snowy and cold through much of Montana, so I did not get any pics of them.

Everything should be back to normal Wednesday morning.


3 Comments on “No Updates Tuesday

  1. Ill Chris

    Dave, My boy lives in Bozeman. He is starting his own business of renting out jeeps. They are equipped with fold out tents on the racks and all the cooking and camp gear. I think he will do in that area.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Chris: I like the area. There’s plenty of places to explore. I hope he does well!

    Steve: Having a puppy wasn’t in our plans at all until last Thursday, so we’ll embrace this change and enjoy it. She seems to be a good pup so far …

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