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1953 Ramar of the Jungle Program

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Mike shared this episode one of season one introduction to the Ramar of the Jungle TV program. It opens with an MB overheating. At one point one of the guys removes the radiator cap (I kept wincing, waiting for water to explode out of it). At another point, the same guy starts to “work” on the brakes by banging on something (didn’t sound like the brakes) with a wrench.


4 Comments on “1953 Ramar of the Jungle Program

  1. Mike

    This was one of my favorite TV shows, at that time I was only 4 years. It wasn’t so much that the show was enjoyable, it was because of the Willys Jeeps, and one of the actors with a British Brogue reminded me of my father. Now 66 years later, I am re living the experience. That’s the story of life.
    Does anybody else remember this show? there must be some of you guys as old as me.

  2. Terry

    Yes I do remember this show ( not a favorite ) my brother and I called it ” Grandma of the jungle ” .

  3. Colin Peabody

    I was 10 and I remember it because I loved the Jeep in it. The engine and exhaust sounds were authentic, but looking at it now, the show is corny!

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