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Image of Jeepster Commando w/ Camper on eBay

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This image seems to show a Jeepster Commando version of the CJ-5-camper concept. It’s unclear to me whether this was a prototype design or someone’s custom creation. Anyone ever seen other pics of this?

For this eBay auction, this image has been applied to a metal sign.

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“Vintage Jeep With Camper Extension New Metal Sign: Toledo, Ohio

Suitable for framing or hanging, has pre drilled holes. A nice piece of 20th century history.
Great coloration in the sign.
The sign measures 9″ x 12″
Watermark will not appear on your purchased sign.

This sign is also available in 12″ x 16″ size for $29.88
Please message if you are interested in the larger size.
This sign has a high quality baked on gloss finish, and is made in America

Sign is crafted of aircraft grade quality aluminum.”


17 Comments on “Image of Jeepster Commando w/ Camper on eBay

  1. Morgan

    Hmmm, six wheels? ….. I’m not quite sure about the physics involved in that rig. Am trying to imagine turning a sharp corner with it. Does it have some kind of special all-wheel steering ability? The rear window behind the driver is awfully close to the front panel of the camper. Wouldn’t turning cause a problem? Maybe it’s some kind of 5th wheel arrangement that I don’t understand.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’m guessing that if it was a prototype, the points you make are probably what doomed it. The concept was similar to what they did with the CJ-5 camper on two wheels the hooked to a CJ-5, of which only a handful were made.

    – Dave

  3. Morgan


    I’m suddenly reminded of a VW bug 5th wheel camper (prototype?) I saw in an old clip once. It was a great design really, the bug had the hitch in the middle of its roof, allowing the bug to do a complete 360 under it for total maneuverability. Weight would be a factor, … aluminum perhaps. Google it. I can’t help but imagine that something like it could apply to many small vehicles. (maybe even a jeep!)


  4. Vintage Don

    I’m just trying to understand why it’s in the form of a sign. A SIGN? What would such a sign be telling us? Where would it be found hanging…..

  5. Will Regan

    Adding to Morgan’s comments, yes it would appear to be impossible to turn a corner. My guess is the Jeepster was just backed in for the photo as it looks like the camper landing gear wheel is on the ground and rear view mirror is folded up, so it sure doesn’t look ready to travel.

  6. Blaine

    These kind of pictures have always been called “signs”. I don’t know why. Has anyone seen an ad for a “metal picture”?

  7. Barney Goodwin

    Vintage Don, My understanding, and from one of the many listings this seller has, is that this seller has been loaned or given a batch of vintage photographs by Ron Szymanski. Ron, a retired Jeep factory employee, was curator of the Jeep House Museum at the factory until it was closed, liquidated, and torn down. (Ron told me he was hired in ’63 as part of the 1000 employees added to Jeep at the start of the Wagoneer / Gladiator.) People like this seller must make more money making metal signs and selling them for man cave decorations than just reproducing the photo by itself.

  8. Morgan

    I don’t know Joe. It sure looks like a sharp turn would rub those rear wheels against their fender. Don’t ya think? The dynamics of a “tag axle” being so far back, or “steering trailer wheels” would have to allow a really sharp turn for those rear wheels. The camper is attached to the Jeep. So a sharp steering turn by the Jeep would translate into a much sharper turn required for the rear wheels to keep up. Especially worrisome if the camper is carrying a good load, forcing it to ride lower over those rear wheels. Serious fender rub potential.
    … I’m thinking like Dave said, it was a doomed design. Or what Will said, it was just a set-up.

    And thanks Dave for those VW gooseneck vids. I’m surprised that wasn’t more popular. I still think one could be cleverly designed to work with a Jeep.

  9. Blaine

    I was watching the VW gooseneck turning around and around and started thinking of the pigtail winding up. I recall that type of trailer being advertise for regular cars too. I grew up reading three different RV magazines plus Popular Science and Motor Trend.

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