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No Updates Monday


I took Sunday off, so no updates for Monday.

Late Sunday night Washington’s Governor shutdown all restaurants/bars, so we’ve plunged deeper into a unique time. Thankfully, Ann and I are well suited for hunkering down for a month (though I’m estimating nothing will be back to ‘normal’ in the US for another 8 weeks at least). As long as we have internet, and I see no reason we won’t continue to have internet, I’ll post eWillys updates.

Our biggest issue will be Ann’s mother-in-law, as her health continues to deteriorate. In ordinary times, her last ditch opportunity to live would be through the use of a ventilator to help her breath. However, if, like Italy, ventilators become a scarce, she will likely be denied the use of one, which will seal her fate sooner rather than later.

If you want to track the rise of COVID-19, I’d recommend this site: (During my time in Silicon Valley, I worked with ESRI and its ARCGIS software, which is what powers the overlays on the map .. they have some cool tech). As test kits get dispersed, I expect US numbers will rise quickly.

For those considering going to Easter Week in Moab, according to my son, Utah’s Governor is urging Grand County to shut it down (part of his job is to work with cities and counties of Utah to manage emergencies like this). There have also been votes within Moab to shut this year’s event down. FCA has already pulled out this year. So, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take place.




7 Comments on “No Updates Monday

  1. Chuck

    Thanks for the info Dave. Things are getting pretty crazy here in central California. They closed the schools here over the weekend with no prior notice. I went and did my regular grocery shopping last night like I do every Sunday night and was amazed at the empty shelves. The Checker said if this keeps up they will have to close the store as they are unable to get new shipments. I understand this is life threatening for those with respiratory problems, compromised immune systems and the aged. Maybe I’m being naive, but don’t see the need for the panicked response. Seems things should be thought out better beforehand and methodically implemented. Such as school closures, they shouldn’t be done over the weekend with no prior notice. Many parents rely on schools for child care as they both work. To notify parents on a Monday morning that school is closed for a month is…(fill in the blank). However it has been a good lesson in preparedness – kinda like a real life trial run. Therefore, there is much to be learned in all this. Quite a valuable experience actually.

  2. Mike

    Dave, I can understand your concern for family members, My maternal grandparents died as a result of the 1918 pandemic, my mother became an orphan at 6 months old. I’m not saying this because I want any symphony, only to point out the serious nature of this world health emergency.
    On the plus side, this will be an excellent opportunity to post our comments, stories and pictures of Willys Jeep related content, keep our minds busy, enjoying life the way it was meant to be.

  3. Chuck

    “On the plus side, this will be an excellent opportunity to post our comments, stories and pictures of Willys Jeep related content”

    Last Saturday I made a round 12 hour trip to 15 minutes from the Mexican Border picking up a 1948 CJ2A I saw on e-Willys. I normally don’t eat fast food, but on this trip I did acouple times going right through Los Angles and San Diego. Didn’t think much of it until later in the week when California began to respond to the pandemic. I then looked at the map and there were reported cases in Los Angles and San Diego. So I looked up the symptoms and incubation time finding it was about 5 to 14 days. Sure enough in 5 days my lungs felt sore and had two days diarrhea. But I don’t know if it was the virus or if it was the galvanized metal I’d been welding while trying to hold my breath and the change in diet eating healthy fruits and vegetables just in case I’d been exposed on the trip.

  4. Mike

    Chuck, now that’s a story of interest in more ways than one. Hope you’re feeling better by now.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Chuck, I hope you are feeling better! Ann’s lungs just got heavy this afternoon, so she’s in bed with a deep voice and slight cough. But, her issue could be allergies. We had a big warming trend today and she was outside more than she has been. Fingers crossed!

  6. Chuck

    I’m feeling great now. I don’t know if it was the virus or not – the whole thing lasted barely three days. I don’t typically eat sugar, and started taking olive leaf extract, oregano oil, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc and copious amounts of garlic, save and thyme in vegetable soup. Also doubled up on the MSM just in case I was exposed.

    A short story: My dog was diagnosed with valley fever and was prescribed $100/month medication. I asked the Vet who was an old guy with lots on common sense,
    about olive leaf and oregano, he said he didn’t know about those things. Then he stopped and said; “you know, a few years back I treated four lamas with valley fever. All but one died. The one that lived, the owner said after it got sick it would regularly go eat leaves off an olive tree”. I take medication when need be, but I am so skeptical of big pharma that I always resort to the natural remedies first.

    Dave: MSM will really help Ann’s lungs. I take it regularly ever since quitting smoking 20 years ago and can definitely tell the difference when I run out. Personally, I don’t buy it from the vitamin store, but from the feed store. They sell it for horses and dogs. You can buy a pound for 10 to 20 dollars. I have seen it work wonders for my old dogs and can attest the difference it makes for me. But, obviously you and Ann will have to decide for yourselves.

    Wishing you and Ann the best through all this.

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