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1948 Report on ‘Jeep’ in Conservation

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I purchased this cool booklet off of eBay. It has some great pics. I’ll share once it arrives.



8 Comments on “1948 Report on ‘Jeep’ in Conservation

  1. Barry

    I have a reproduction copy, but this looks like the real thing, based on the dealer stamp. I plan on doing a post at some time about “‘Jeep’ in Conservation” based on this booklet. Would love to hear what you and others might know. Was this part of a larger ad campaign or a one-off event. I’ve done a little research but haven’t found much info. Trying to make good use of my time the next couple of weeks, so I’ll move this project up.
    Thanks, as always for sharing.

  2. Keith

    When you receive it I am anticipating that it will reference either an event near Zanesville Ohio, or a Farm used as a training center between Zanesville and Granville Ohio

  3. Barry

    From the opening paragraph – “Rio Grande College Farm, with its 300 acres… in Gallia County, Ohio, was the site….


    what ? jeep in conservation ? — are you kidding ? — in the old days , people hated jeepers tearing up the landscape ? — that’s what I remember ? — JEEP and CONSERVATION mix like OIL and WATER !!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    There were a number of joint conservations projects between organizations like the Sierra Club and West Coast jeeps clubs during the 1960s-1980s. Pacific Northwest clubs to this day do conservation work on trails, clean up beaches, and work with government agencies to preserve and protect our lands.

    Thanks for the other insights into this booklet. I’ll be publishing it in full and will share hi res images with anyone who’d like them.

    – Dave

  6. Keith

    OK – My guess was about 60 miles too far North. I vaguely remembered the location due to having gone there many years ago hunting down Farm Jeep Parts.

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