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Year? MB Auburn, CA $2200


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2200.

(12/05/2019) It’s a project or parts jeep. Front of frame has mods.

“Complete military mb jeep with Lhead motor
Current reg snd title in my name
Needs restore. I have title in hand.
Needs tcase
I have a t90 i can offer with it

Trades always considered.
It needs a grill and hood and seats too. Grill and hood in pics are gone. ”

mb-sac-ca2 mb-sac-ca3 mb-sac-ca4


One comment on “Year? MB Auburn, CA $2200

  1. Chuck

    No bumpers, no glass, no transmission, no transfercase, no hood, no grill, no headlights, no seats and a disassembled engine missing who knows what. I suppose the definition of “complete” has become a subjective term varying from one person to the next. Some of these ads are quite entertaining!

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