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Bumper Ropes Article on War Jeeps

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Mark shared this article about bumper ropes by Gene Olsen, who also sells ropes he makes through various dealers including Army Jeep Parts.



5 Comments on “Bumper Ropes Article on War Jeeps

  1. Barney Goodwin

    We’ve had one of Gene’s ropes on our 45 MB for at least 14 years. Perfect fit, braiding, everything! Be sure to read his story.

  2. JohnfromSC

    I’ve seen other articles on braided wire loops. Interesting that the same method was used on these. The story is great for relating the practical side of why things were done, such as the rope length of 10 paces. Enjoyed it. Dave, thanks for posting!

  3. Chuck

    Even though I’m not into restoring Military Jeeps, (my fetish is flatfenders modified in the 1960’s) this was such a great article! I laughed about wrapping the rope around the bumper, I always wondered about that, it looked too time consuming to be practical. Now i know the truth.

  4. Matthew Cooper

    Awesome story! The connection to the history that these WWII and Korean Jeeps bring and to the men who used them and cared for them is what draws me to them. Keep the steel, the history and the skills alive.

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