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M-Series(Military FC) Operator Manual

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This rare manual was up for sale on eBay last week. It sold for $82.25!

1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-1 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-2 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-3 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-4

1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-5 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-6 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-7 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-8 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-9 1964-05-FC-Diesel-Manual-10


4 Comments on “M-Series(Military FC) Operator Manual

  1. kaiser permanente

    that is rare , I don’t think I have one , but i’ll check , I know I don’t have any m-series forward control vehicles , I don’t even have a fc series forward control , I do have a 1977 vw Westphalia forward control , and I see jerry Seinfeld has the same exact vehicle , same dayglo TAIGA green , but jerry has tons of rare porsches and millions of dollars and I have 37 cents in the bank … oh well …

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