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Jalopnik Story About a CJ-2A

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This jeep was up for sale earlier this year. Somehow, I missed this David Tracy story about it on Jalopnik.



11 Comments on “Jalopnik Story About a CJ-2A

  1. Ted Jordan

    I think I do remember seeing you covering this link previously Dave. I saw it somewhere and I’m guessing it was here. Killer Jeep and story, I remember somebody commenting it wasn’t worth asking price because of the little bit of damage, but I’d say it was worth every bit of the asking price as they don’t come along like this too often

  2. John

    I saw this Jeep on Craigslist when it was for sale. Yonkers is about a 20 minute drive from me. I read the description and honestly didn’t personally believe it, and saw the price to be above average for a Jeep in the condition. For NY its still super clean and the fact that it doesn’t need a new frame or floors definitely puts in close to 10k in value. But the listing disappeared and I figured it sold

    Cool to see an update, and with this new added info I’m inclined belive its most likely a true one owner Jeep

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Ted, I am pretty sure I covered the sale of the jeep, but not this particular article? I haven’t had a chance to hunt down the post about it.

  4. Joseph Angelino

    I’m pretty sure I knew the owner of this Jeep. I met him when he was a volunteer at the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, NY. (35 miles south of Utica) He was elderly at that time and has since passed away. I drove my restored VEC into the museum on a day when he was a volunteer guide. He asked about my CJ2A and told me he had one too. He told me he bought his 46 new, as a leftover in 1947 from a dealer in Syracuse. I believe he said he paid either $1300 or $1900 for it. The photos posted above and all the other clues lead me to believe the owner was John Davis who lived on a farm in Chenango County not far from Norwich.
    Car museum link:

  5. 101" wheelbase

    I just took my cj-6 out to patrol the neighborhood — quarantine still in effect — gas is cheap $2.57 — I dipped the underseat tank , 2″s worth — always carry a wooden stick to dip your tank — my fuel gauge works but is not real accurate — I think I detect a slight main-bearing knock in my v-6 231 ( even fire ) ? — ( the 225 odd-fire is still in pieces ) — not many people on the boulevard — I like to race people from the stop lights — v-6 231 , t-86/90 hybrid transmission — spicer 18 t-case — warn overdrive — dana 44 rear , 4.88 , powr-lok — non-directional military tires — it was the fastest car built in America for 1967 — I always win — stay safe — don’t touch your face — wear gloves , mask , don’t drink , it lowers your resistance — its a good Friday — ciao

  6. keith Buckley

    Joe – That was great additional information.

    I was kind of doubting that this was real till you replied.
    I didn’t think it was possible to get a decently clean jeep out of that region.
    My great aunt lived at 24 North 4th street in Herkimer, my relatives (Buckley) were from Norwich for 3 generations, my great uncle was the Football coach in Cazenovia, and until a few years ago I owned a camp on Chase lake near Lowville.
    I NEVER saw a rust free jeep from that region. Trust me, I searched every barn and field for 20 years.

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