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1956 CJ-6 Antelope Valley, CA $3500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3500.

(08/18/2019) It’s a project.

1956-cj6-av-ca1 1956-cj6-av-ca2 1956-cj6-av-ca3 1956-cj6-av-ca4

“New rebuilt 327ci with less than 50 miles.
Rebuilt by Adams Metallizing in Lancaster, CA

Newer axles from a 1975 CJ5

Power steering
Power brakes
Hydraulic clutch
3 speed manual T-15

New in box windshield glass
New in box steel dash
New in box black soft top with soft doors

Everyone kept suggesting a high performance build when rebuilding the motor. I had to remind everyone what it was going back into. That light weight body does not need a high performance built motor. The stock 327ci has enough to power that little jeep anywhere you need to go. By not being high performance it won’t be temperamental either.

Comes with a box of extra parts, original axles, one extra front fender, etc

A little info so you have a better idea of how things would go with this build if I were to keep it-

I would start with fine tuning things on the rebuilt motor such as silicone the dipstick tube into place, mechanical fuel pump block off plate should have a new gasket or torqued down better as there is a small leak. Wrap and ziptie wires to my anal-retentive desire. Leaf springs need to be replaced in my opinion. I would go with more flexible springs from a YJ or similar. Once the springs are in place it would allow you to reroute a new exhaust. Finish gauge install. Tach, oil pressure, and temp work already. I would spend some quality time doing bodywork on the top of the tub where the soft top seal. As long as a new top is going on it, do what you can to make sure it seals well. Clean up any body rust and complete the bodywork as desired. Paint and install the top.

There is a folder full of receipts and related documents. Drivetrain components have all been rebuilt with the exception of the axles. The axles haven’t been done because I was considering changing the gearing. If so, they would have been done at that time. No point in rebuilding prior to rebuilding.

Price is firm. It may actually go up depending on the questions and time spent kicking tires! Soft top and doors alone are valued at $1,000. The top is new and still in the box. You can tell it hasn’t been out of the box as there is no way I would be able to fit it back in the box. Motor has about 50 miles on it. It is ready for its first valve adjustment and snug the rockers.


One comment on “1956 CJ-6 Antelope Valley, CA $3500

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Wow, I’ve only seen CJ-6’s for sale in my region with bodies that are suffering from extreme rust. This one looks great, and at that price if it were around here it would sell quick.

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