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1957 Scheneker Snow Plow Brochures

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These 1957 Scheneker Iron Works snow plow brochures sold for $29 on eBay this weekend, more than I thought they’d go for.

1957-scheneker-ironworks-brochures1 1957-scheneker-ironworks-brochures2




2 Comments on “1957 Scheneker Snow Plow Brochures

  1. Mike

    Interesting, This is a name brand that was not sold in the NYC, METRO NJ area. Maybe Scheneker was more a REGIONAL brand sold in up state NY. Meyer, Western, and Fisher were popular, and those were the big three ever seen. On the Scheneker adverting, I don’t see anything that would indicate a tie in with Jeep approved equipment, not that it matters, just an observation, but possibly an explanation.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    That’s a good point Mike. The brochures I have for Scheneker span 10 years from 1948-1957. While Scheneker products did appear in some Willys-Overland Special Equipment binders, I do not have any brochures with the “Jeep Approved” equipment logo. I thought I’d done a post on Scheneker, but I can’t find one. I will find some time to do one.

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